confession (day 71)

Acknowledging your flaws is a good thing right?

Because I realized last night (while in the middle of a panic attack/nervous breakdown) that I am 1. completely obsessed with my grades and 2. slightly over-dramatic when it comes to the world ending because of my grades.

Maybe this is because I'm a Leo (yes, there are a lot of things I blame on when I was born, I can't help things out of my control :) )... I like to be good at things. Typically, I was always good at whatever job I was doing. Now that I do a job a 5 year old could do, I like to be good at school. I go to great extremes to be good at school and spend more hours every week working on schoolwork than I spend doing anything else.

As for the slight issue of being dramatic... I try not to be dramatic in day to day life. But when something happens that I feel like I can't control, I panic and think it might just be the end of the world. 

And last night, the world almost ended.

Both of my classes this summer are online, so I was on the college website taking my history practice exam (4 times... just to be certain)  when I decided to check on my grades. I looked at history first... my average is a B. My heart raced a little. So I spent a few minutes doing math (which I despise) trying to figure out what grade I needed to get on my last test and my final in order to get an A. 

Then I checked English... My average is a 92.1 % and I still have to hand in 2 more essays, both which I feel I did a pretty good job on. But as I was scrolling through, I noticed there wasn't a grade next to my 2nd essay. So I checked the submission page for it, no submission. I checked the overall grade average for the class... nothing next to my essay 2. Panic had officially sunk in.

But I worked soooo hard on that essay!!!

Is there a computer glitch and it's just not showing my grade? 

Is it possible I forgot to submit it?

If so, how will that affect my grade?!

I frantically wrote my professor, who happens to be younger than me and a real stickler for deadlines, asking if he could check on my grade for me. But he's in the process of moving and hasn't gotten back to me yet.

I tried drinking a beer. I called my mom while drinking a beer and she told me to stop being so dramatic and not worry until I heard back from him. I talked to Miranda while I drank another beer, who told me to take deep breaths and see what he says. 

I feel slightly better, but there is still that tight feeling in my chest that will either go away or extremely intensify when I get his email.

I actually feel a little better admitting that I'm kind of a freak about it...

Hi, My name is sara and I'm obsessed and over-dramatic when it comes to my grades.

I wonder if there's a support group for this? :)

Thanks for listening to me rant and panic... hope you're all having a wonderful wednesday!

Day 71 - A picture of your favorite piece of jewelry

 I got this matching necklace and earrings set from my mom for my birthday last year :)


fresh paint (day 70)

I know it's been a while, but I finally have a new painting to share with you! Hopefully after Thursday, I'll have time to get quite a few more done before fall semester starts.

I actually had an extremely productive Monday (I think it was all those inspirational quotes!) and I'm proud to say that I finished BOTH of my essays... before 5pm! Now I just have to wait to get them back from the communications lab with some feedback, make any necessary corrections, then turn them in and say adios to English Composition 2. Unfortunately, I still have 2 exams to take in History. One on the last 5 chapters and then a comprehensive final covering both of my textbooks. At least with English out of the way I have more time to study :)

As far as the painting goes, it's been in the final stages for a few weeks and today I put the finishing touches on it. 

It's being sent to Ohio tomorrow along with this painting...

Which were both purchased by one of my bf's co-workers as presents for his sisters... isn't that sweet?! Maybe I should send my sister a random present :) 

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Day 70 - Something you borrowed from someone else

I borrowed this book from Amber last week and I just finished it on Saturday night... oh how I love love love the Sookie Stackhouse series :)


monday morning motivation (day 69)

Once again, it's Monday morning.... but not just any Monday morning! It's the last Monday of summer semester! which is good, but stressful because that means I have 4 days to write 2 papers and take 2 tests.... better hurry up and post this so I can get to work!

Here are a few inspiring words that might make your monday a beautiful day :)






Day 69 - Something that inspires you

(see above) :)


a song on sunday (day 68)

Today's song is in honor of the beautiful and talented voice of Amy Winehouse, who was found dead in her home this weekend. Such a tragic and sad end of a life that had so much potential at one time. She may be gone, but her voice is legendary.

Also, I thought I might throw in a few pictures from my Friday night escapade with the girls! We went to a restaurant/bar called Saints in the Plaza District, then we went to a bar called The Prohibition Room, which we found out in closing after this weekend... which is sad because it's so much fun there and they make great drinks. Anyway, here are the pics :) Hope you all had a great weekend!

Amber, me, Diana & Cindi @ Saints

Diana, Amber & I @ Prohibition Room
Diana & Amber with the waiter's mustache book
The Mustache Growers Guide actually features both our waiter, and his brother, for their incredible mustaches :)

Day 68 - A magazine you like

best magazine & website. ever.


This could really be a good life (day 67)

Slightly obsessed with this song... I listen to it first thing in the morning and it puts me in such a good mood! 

I'd be in a good mood anyway today because I'm going out to dinner tonight with some of my favorite girls to Donate, Dine & Wine... which is my favorite night of the month!

Hope you have a beautiful Friday!

Day 66 - A picture in your room

 I have this in a frame in the living room... It's from the Kings of Leon concert a few years ago. Amazing concert!!!


thank you thursday (day 65)


This week I am especially thankful for...

...fans. I love summer, but this 100+ stuff every single day makes me appreciate the cool breeze of a spinning fan.

...little spiral notebooks. Especially the kind that are small enough to comfortably fit in a zippered purse pocket. You just never know when a brilliant idea will strike, so I'm grateful for a convenient place to jot it down!

...cinnamon. Just a pinch added to my coffee every morning almost makes it taste like I'm sipping Starbucks.

...reusable water containers. Recycled plastic bottles of water is definitely good, but what's even better (and cheaper) is to buy a plastic reusable container and fill it up with water from a water fountain. I do this several times while I'm at work every day :)

I am most especially thankful for Turtle Rock Farms because I just found out via email that they have availability for me to stay there Aug 4-7 for the Permaculture Design Course. I am grateful for quite a few reasons.

First, according to Google maps, Turtle Rock Farm is approximately 1 hour and 37 minutes north of my house.  That's not including traffic. So I really didn't want to have to drive more than 3 hours round trip each day.

Second, I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing experience. I'm not sure which house I will be staying in, but both houses on the farm have a common kitchen and living room area and a shared bathroom. I'm a little nervous about living with people I don't know for 4 days, but also excited about what I will learn from them.

Also, they grow organic fruits/veggies, harvest rainwater, compost, raise chickens and alpacas, and have an inspiring environmental policy. If you would like to check out some pictures or read more about it, you can click here.

What are you thankful for this week?

For past editions of thank you thursday, click here

Day 65 - A picture of you and your best friend

Katie and I in Colorado


Pinterest (day 64)

I almost regret signing up for a Pinterest account because it is so insanely addicting! 
I've been sneaking in a few minutes here and there to build up my collection of boards, which I might add that I'm quite pleased with so far :)

The best part is that you can click on the picture and it takes you to the link where it was found... so all the fabulous DIY projects I find? I can just click and find out how to make them. Or all the pretty furniture and household items in my For the Home board... I know just where to go so someday when I am not a broke college student, I can furnish a beautiful little space with all these items I've been dreaming about.

Want to see a few? I know you do :)



If you want to follow me on Pinterest, just click here :)

Day 64 - Favorite childhood book

The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy! I was in the Weekly Reader Book Club and I remember being so happy when this book came in the mail... I seriously used to read it all the time! Guess I've always been an animal lover :)
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growing is forever (day 63)

There really are no words to truly describe this, except breathtaking and must see....

"I have a deep affection for the Redwood forests of Northern California. This is my best attempt to capture the reverence I feel when in the presence of these giants." --Jesse Rosten

Jesse, who shot and edited the video, and Kallie Markle, who wrote the voice-over text and read it, created this very nice short film, a sort of audio-visual poem to pay homage to the Redwood Forests of Northern California. It looks great and if you're stressed, it provides a nice 'zen moment'.

Day 63 - a picture of perfect hair

source (with instructions)


monday morning motivation (day 62)

Here we go again... This particular monday morning is bittersweet for me.

Its bitter, because its monday.
Its sweet because its the second to last monday of summer semester.

So this edition of monday morning inspiration is also going to be a mixture of the bitter and the sweet optimism that is hard to pull off, but necessary for a good monday. enjoy... I'm off to do more homework!

Are you in need of a little more monday morning inspiration? I don't blame you one little bit... here you go... just click right here :)

Day 62 - Last place you traveled to

The beautiful (and freezing freaking cold) Osthoff Resort located in Elkhart Lake, WI for my lovely friends wedding in January of 2011


a song on sunday (day 61)

 This song has been playing on repeat all week long... I absolutely love how gritty and raw her voice is, her emotions are contagious... oh how I adore Adele!

Day 61 - School class picture

Well, I don't have any of my school class pictures online but here's a picture from high school that an old classmate posted on facebook...

I'm in the one standing behind the car door with the red tshirt on... homecoming week my senior year!


for the love of lists (day 60)

Today's list is all the bookshelves I love and places I would love to sit and read. Enjoy :)

pillow couch

bookshelf staircase

reading nook

reading fort!
reading swing

another reading nook

amazing bookshelf

I need to live here.

another book nook and book shelf!

ah! a book blanket!

book/shelf chair
rainbow bookshelves

no words can describe how badly I want this.

 I found all of these pictures on pinterest... yes, I broke down and I now have a new obsession!

Day 60 - A picture of something you’re excited about