just checking in...

I can't believe I haven't even logged on since January.... so much has happened that I'm not really quite sure where to begin but it's a rare Saturday night when I'm actually sitting at home alone and I feel like I should post something. 

So here's what's happened since January...

I'm still dating Chris and have never been happier. He is absolutely amazing and I'm madly in love with him! 

I still work at Michels and I enjoy my job. I get to do fun things like plan the company picnic, work at golf outings and design ads/calendars/signs/brochures.

My little sister got married! The wedding was perfect and she was the most beautiful bride... I got to spend the entire day with her and had so much fun!

and last but not least... I turned (gulp) 30 in August. Chris and I took a week off work and headed to northern wisconsin. My parents have a camper on a little plot of land in the middle of the Nicolet National Forest that we went to a lot this summer. We spent every day out on the boat fishing and swimming. That night we went out with some friends and I survived my 1st day in my 30's. It was a beautiful week and made me actually look forward to the upcoming years...

Obviously more than 4 things happened since January but sometimes pictures are better than words so here's a few that better illustrate 2012...

1st snowmobiling trip

two of my favorites... my bf and my bff

with Ang and Jill

Ang, Jill and Jamie... girls night out

Chris and I on 4th of July

Northern Wisconsin - on the Wolf River

at a tiki bar party

on the Wolf River again

my 30th birthday!
at Rock the Green (best concert ever!)

with my bff, Katie

My little sister got married!!

My little sis and I on her wedding day
Chris and I at Sam's wedding
new friends
Chris and I at another wedding

with the love of my life :)

 So here I am... alive and well but just not spending much time online (with the exception of pinterest!). I have almost 900 unread emails but I still have tanlines from hours spent laying outside under the sun. Even with the cold approaching, I'd rather be outside than sitting on the couch with my macbook. I'd like to get back into blogging as a creative outlet... I do miss writing.... I just don't know if I can sit still long enough.....