recipe for an excellent sunday morning

I've always been a fan of Sundays. Without a doubt, Sunday is my favorite day of the week.
I've been tweaking this wonderful day over the years and I think I've got it pretty close to perfected... for now.
I used to sleep in as late as possibly (usually due to a self induced hangover) and be scrubby (i.e. not showering, laying around in pajamas on the couch watching nothing on TV all day). Appropriately and lovingly referred to as 'Scrubby Sunday'. But as the years pass and I find my tolerance for liquor and hangovers dwindling, I am forced to find other ways to spend my beloved Sunday.
This morning I woke up at 6:30 (on purpose) humming Lionel Ritchie's slow soulful Sunday anthem... and I appreciated that yes, indeed.... Sunday mornings are easy. I let my puppies outside and started brewing a pot of breakfast blend coffee. That's when I realized that it was August 1st. So the scan button in my brain switched the station from Lionel to Bone Thugs N Harmony...
wake up, wake up, wake up... it's the first of the month...
which was quickly replaced with the thought that in 10 days I will be 28.
With all the brain power I can muster before 7 am, I pushed and shoved that thought into a closet in the very back of my head and promptly locked the door, determined to make the best of this day. The last day of my month long vacation.
Moving right along, I took a few sips of coffee, dialed my mom's cell and walked out the front door. I was grateful that it's only in the 90's and took a short walk.
When I got home, I made myself 2 pieces of turkey bacon and 2 eggs sprinkled with Parmesan cheese while listening to my favorite playlist on my Droid. It's appropriately named 'I <3 Zack Braff' because I do. It contains all the songs on the Last Kiss and Garden State Soundtracks. Shuffle is always on and the volume is always up.
It was at this moment that I paused... what a fucking perfect Sunday morning.