.self portrait.

I am a day dream believer.

I am hopeful and an aspiring optimist.

I am a reader, a writer, a painter - an artist.

I am intrigued by words that begin with the letter I.

I am quirky, sporadic, and inventive.

I used to be a PC, but now I'm a Mac. (<3 my macbook pro!)

I am a vegetarian and LOVE animals.

I collect books and memories.

I am a good thing in a small (5 ft) package.

I am organized and lists are dear friends of mine.

I like cold food and warm weather.

I believe smiles are worth more than anything $ could buy.

I'm obsessed with gummy vitamins. 

I have 3 dogs and 2 cats.

I  can text message faster than I can speak.

I love being barefoot, laying in the grass, seeking objects hidden within the clouds.

I am a guitar hero. 

Miranda & I

I love decorating birthday cakes and watching people open gifts.

I write (not type) long letters and eat cereal with a tablespoon.

I live inside music notes... or maybe it's the music that lives inside of me.
I am a writer constantly searching for a perfect arrangement of letters, to express the symphony in my soul. 
meeting a dolphin for the 1st time
I volunteer at The Plaza District in my spare time.
I want to be a sustainable designer when I grow up.

My paintings are hanging all over the country. Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin & Connecticut.

I love thunderstorms and double rainbows.

I enjoy little moments in life.

Jill's Bachelorette party in Colorado
hmmmm... what else...

I like new.... 
new books, new sheets, new socks, new purses, new canvas. 
But familiar is my true love... worn and broken in shoes, familiar faces and voices, my side of the bed, books with worn covers, dog-eared pages and creased binding. 
So here is a mixture, my own little concoction of love, like, and everything that hangs delicately in between the two. 

My own secret recipe for life that I have been diligently perfecting throughout the past 29 [gulp] years.
first trip to San Antonio
My life is like a science experiment... lessons, measurements, finding balance, discovering elements. 

The one constant in this lifelong experiment, so far, has been words.
Words have shaped my life, whether they came from my own mouth or others, written or typed, whispered or sung. 
Actions may speak louder than words, but whispered words touch my soul. 

So here i am, using my words to express, to share with anyone willing to read, to clarify, to release, to love and be loved.