a song on sunday (day 68)

Today's song is in honor of the beautiful and talented voice of Amy Winehouse, who was found dead in her home this weekend. Such a tragic and sad end of a life that had so much potential at one time. She may be gone, but her voice is legendary.

Also, I thought I might throw in a few pictures from my Friday night escapade with the girls! We went to a restaurant/bar called Saints in the Plaza District, then we went to a bar called The Prohibition Room, which we found out in closing after this weekend... which is sad because it's so much fun there and they make great drinks. Anyway, here are the pics :) Hope you all had a great weekend!

Amber, me, Diana & Cindi @ Saints

Diana, Amber & I @ Prohibition Room
Diana & Amber with the waiter's mustache book
The Mustache Growers Guide actually features both our waiter, and his brother, for their incredible mustaches :)

Day 68 - A magazine you like

best magazine & website. ever.


  1. I was so shocked and sad about Amy Winehouse :( Such an amazing singer...

    Looks like yall had a blast!!!! Love that little mustache book jeje so cutee <3

  2. So glad you had a great time with the girls! :) I'm not familiar with that magazine, I'll definitely have to check out the website! :)

  3. Sadly, the only thing I knew about Amy Winehouse were the spoofs that were done about her on comedy shows. I hope they feel bad about those spoofs, I always thought it was cruel to make fun of someone's addictions.

    Looks like you girls had a rockin' time!

  4. I'm glad you had a great time with the girls! That mustache book looks hilarious, by the way. I want a copy just for the heck of it! xD


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