a song on sunday (day 61)

 This song has been playing on repeat all week long... I absolutely love how gritty and raw her voice is, her emotions are contagious... oh how I adore Adele!

Day 61 - School class picture

Well, I don't have any of my school class pictures online but here's a picture from high school that an old classmate posted on facebook...

I'm in the one standing behind the car door with the red tshirt on... homecoming week my senior year!


  1. Adele does have a great voice. :) That song is so melancholy and pretty... no wonder you've got it on repeat! :D

  2. Aww, I love your high school picture! Makes me miss those Homecomings weeks... :)

  3. Taylor Lynn... her voice is amazing and makes me wish I could sing... the fact that I can't doesn't stop me though :)

    Katie... I know exactly what you mean... I wish I would have appreciated it a little more back then!

  4. High school pictures are fun to look through and sure do bring back lots of memories. Homecomings, proms, life was uncomplicated back then!

  5. Same here, Sara - I don't think I'm exactly the best singer (LOL) but I sing anyway! (All the time, in fact. It annoys my sisters. ;)

  6. Adele has the most amazing voice, I definitely agree Sara! It is so raw and gorgeous. What's funny is that I was at my sister's this afternoon "helping" her pack for her impending move (Okay, I watched, and talked, while she packed! ;) and she had the Adele CD playing over and over. Might have to be one I buy... :) Love the photo, always fun to look back and laugh! ;)


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