turn, turn, turn

So little by little I'm starting to get back to feeling like myself. I'm sure everybody has those days, right? Where you can't quite explain it but you just feel off? That's kind of how I'm feeling... except it's more like a season than a day. Reminds me of The Byrds song Turn, Turn, Turn!

I did have a wonderful weekend hanging out with my friends for a bachelorette party...

Jill, Angela, & I

Miranda & I
Nothing quite compares to a night that starts off in a short bus with jello shots in syringes and ends up in Milwaukee on a dance floor! Drinks and dancing are better (and way cheaper) than therapy :)

So on a more responsible note, I'm in my 4th week of classes. With the move I had to change around my course schedule and I'm now taking all on-line classes (Modern Humanities, American Federal Government, Biology & Creative Writing: Poetry). I'll have to post some of my poems I've been writing :)

I'm also still driving back to Oklahoma each month to complete my Permaculture Design course. If you're interested in learning more about Permaculture, I highly recommend the book Gaia's Garden by Toby Hemenway. It's practical and has simple steps for utilizing your yard in a way that it will benefit both you and the environment. I'm planning a few upcoming posts to focus on some easy permaculture principles and how they can be applied.

I've been reading a lot of Thoreau lately... A LOT. There's just something about the flow of his words that sooth and calm me. Right now I'm reading All Nature is my Bride: Passages from Journals.

Now back to studying... but I'll leave you with this because I found it on pinterest and I loved it...



  1. Hanging out with friends is always the best, and you can never go wrong with a drink or two.

    Great quote, thanks for sharing!

    Everyday Inspired

  2. You sound like you're doing better!

  3. I hate off days. I get them every now and again. More common are restless days. I have tons of stuff to do, think of, create...but still have strange extra time where I feel like I need to be doing something. Maybe it's mania.

  4. I agree with Renee, you do sound like you're doing better! I'm glad you had fun at the bachelorette party - hanging out with friends can definitely be a lot of fun, and can help get your mind off of things that are bothering you.

    As for classes, I hope you're enjoying them! I can't say learning about the government is my favorite part of school, but it's good to know about how our country is run. And yes, definitely share some of your poetry! :D

    I haven't read Thoreau - I tried "Walden" when I was younger but didn't get into it - but now that you mention it I want to try again. A few years ago, the language was too hard for me to read, but now I've read Shakespeare and liked it. I think I'm ready for another go. ;)

    It's good to see you around Blogger again - hugs! <3

  5. Jello shots from a syringe, lol, kids these days! It sounds like you're starting to adjust. You'll feel off for awhile, it's only natural when your reality gets turned upside down. You have a new reality to create now, so you'll get it figured out. How do you like taking online classes? My daughter was thinking of doing that but it sounds like it would take even more self-discipline than going to class in person.


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