and so it is...

Looking back on the post from the morning as I entered my 29th year, I am amazed at all the changes that have happened since then. Maybe even more so amazing is the fact that I am still sane (somewhat) and able to get out of bed each morning.
I have been meaning to click on the blogger bookmark on my mac for days... weeks... but in the midst of a whirlwind of emotions, I was at a loss for words. I am slowly starting to gain back a little more spunk with each passing day and hopefully I'll be able to get back in the groove of blogging weekly, if not daily again.
As I write this, I am laying on a bed on the 2nd floor of the house in central rural Wisconsin where I grew up. A room that was once painted a pale pink and full of my dolls. It's now full of clothes that were carelessly and quickly crammed, unfolded and now wrinkled, in canvas shopping tote bags. A stack of books, carefully chosen from what used to be hundreds, sits in the corner of the room along with this semester's textbooks. It's amazing that a whole life can fit in the backseat of a vehicle when the questions I have could fill a skyscraper. It's amazing that words can be so hurtful and that years of love can be smashed in the matter of minutes. Perhaps what is most amazing is the love of my family and friends that has carried me through quite possibly the toughest month I've ever faced.
So here I am... 29, single, and living with my parents? 29 came in with a big loud BANG! and I'm interested to see where it leads me....


  1. Aww, Sara ♥ I'm so glad that your feeling even the tiniest bit better ♥ And I hope being in your old room brings comfort to you. I've been thinking about you~ I was going to send you a note, but remembered I didn't even know where you were living now :(

    Well, I hope that you feel better every day and there will be a day [hopefully really soon!] when you feel like your complete old self again :)


  2. I hope things get better for you!

  3. I have a question... why is it that when it really matters, it's so hard to find something to say?

    It sounds like things have been improving for you, even just a little bit... I hope that's true. I take it as a good sign that you decided to write a blog post, and I'm glad to hear from you. I'm sending you a big hug, and I hope things continue to improve in your life!

    Love ya!
    Taylor Lynn <3

  4. Awww, I had a feeling..... Everything's going to work out for the best, it always does even when it seems like the darkest of days. I'm happy you have friends and family to offer you support and encouragement. A new chapter in your life is always daunting, but it's exciting too...the possibilities....a blank canvas! And you're really young despite the feeling that 29 might be old lol. You'll come out in a lighter and better place, just watch! It's good to hear from you, one less thing to worry about! Feel free to write personal emails to your bloggy friends, we're here for you too!

  5. Girl! So great to have you back! I was worried you were going through a 29 year mid-life crises. I freak out every time I think of turning 30 next year! OMG - takes my breath away!

  6. Thanks Jordan, I hope so too!

    Thanks Renee!

    That's a really good question Taylor! I have no idea but I have definitely been at a loss for words!

    Thanks Laurie! This page has been hard to turn, but this new chapter is sure to be amazing!

    Lol Courtney... It was a bit of 29 year mid-life crisis! I had been stressing out over it for a while, it just turned out to be way way worse than I thought! Hopefully this means 30 will be a breeze!

  7. SARA!!! Im sorry things haven't been very good with you lately, I hope as time goes on you continue on being the awesome and amazing woman you are! Even though times can get tough just remember this when one door closes another bigger, more awesome door will open! HUGS


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