thank you thursday

So it's been a while since I've acknowledged my thankfulness on a thursday, so here it goes....

Thank you Permaculture Institute. The permaculture design classes I have been taking are so inspiring... not just the knowledge I'm gaining, but the experiences and stories shared by my classmates gives me hope for the future. Here are some great permaculture articles.

Speaking of the future, thank you to Miranda for suggesting a wonderful Sustainable Studies bachelors degree at University of Massachusetts-Amherst. My application is in the mail and my fingers are crossed!

Thank you VH1 for bleeping out the words gun and bullet from Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. I might be negatively influenced and shoot someone.

Thank you to the guy who works with my dad who gave him the fresh honeycrisp apples and thank you to my dad for passing them along to me... they are delicious!

Thank you to Jonathan Tropper for writing This is Where I Leave You, which made me laugh and cry. It was also the first book I was able to read completely since To Be Sung Underwater by Tom McNeil, which is a tough book to follow. Now on to Work by CrimethInc.

and perhaps the biggest thank you to all of those who are gathering across the country to stand up for freedom and liberty.

I saw posts on facebook talking about Occupy Wall Street. Then I read this article in Yes! magazine. Please read and share... it's a great article and really captures the spirit and purpose behind this movement. People all over the country are uniting and standing together to occupy their cities... I am following Occupy Madison, Occupy Milwaukee, and Occupy OKC and hope to attend each of them at some point within the upcoming weeks. I'm feeling kind of sporadic and if I had the money to get to NY I'd be there right now.

Happy thursday!


  1. Hey Sarah, yay for thankful Thursday! It's amazing about the wall street movement. I guess there are similar things forming all over the world. Things are changing! Good luck getting into the University of Massachusetts. Your life is changing, too!

  2. I'm so glad that you're getting so much out of your permaculture classes, Sara! That's fantastic. And good luck with the application to the University of Massachusetts! Does that mean that if you're accepted, you'll be moving to Mass?

    I checked out that article, though I'm still not sure what the whole Occupy Wall Street thing is about... I hadn't even heard of it until now on your blog. It sounds like a lot of people are getting excited about it, though.

  3. Thankful Thursday is such a great idea! Good luck with your application to the University of Massachusetts! You new blog layout is very cool.
    Everyday Inspired


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