monday morning motivation (day 27)

Monday, Monday...
Can't trust that day....

What you can trust is that I will be doing massive amounts of homework today. Fingers crossed that I can at least get all my reading and quizzes done for the week... yes, you read that correctly... not quiz but quizZES. 5 quizzes to be exact. Maybe if I can be super efficient and not get distracted by things like sunshine, music, blogger, facebook, twitter, g-talk, and reruns of True Blood, maybe, just maybe I can get all these done so the only thing left to do this week is write an essay. So my fingers are crossed, my motivation is in overdrive, my eyes are ready to speed-read, my brain is set to absorb, and my ass is firmly planted on my favorite kitchen chair with a pillow underneath it so I have no excuse to get up. 

But first a few pictures to inspire and start the week off right!

These all come from the brilliant From Up North website.

Day 27 - A picture of something you're afraid of 

 my skin crawls just looking at this evil little creature... I hate june bugs with a passion. always have, always will. Except in Oklahoma, they're not just bumbling around threatening to get their sticky little legs stuck in my hair in the month of June, but all freaking summer long! ugh...


  1. Great pictures! And I don't like june bugs, either. If they're not getting stuck to you, then they're bouncing off you with enough velocity to take out an eye.

  2. What AMAZING pictures!!! and i agree with you on the beetle jeje and all little creatures for that matter!!!!!!

  3. Lololol ooooo scarewee june bugs! Now spiders, that's freak out waiting to happen! Good luck with all that homework!

  4. OMG I took out my dog the other day and one attacked my head. I am not a fan either!

    Love all the photos tho! (minus the june bug) lol

  5. Lol ~ I'm chuckling about the June bugs and your preparation to study! You really will have no need to move... unless a June bug finds its way into your house!! ;) Have fun with all the work, the sense of accomplishment when you finish will be amazing!! :)


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