art is everywhere (day 28)

My 100 day challenge ties is perfectly to what I want to ramble about today. 

Not that long ago I took a trip to the 'country'... while I was there I sat down at a random picnic bench to eat my veggies and fruits lunch that I packed. As I was setting down my tote bag, something caught my attention... there was something carved in the wood of the picnic table.

Day 28 - A picture that can always make you smile

What are the odds that I would travel close 75 miles south of home, into a 1,800 acre state park and happen to sit at a picnic table in the exact stop where someone has carved the word ART? 

It seems as though, when I'm paying attention, I find art wherever I go. Or maybe, art finds me. 

It usually doesn't come in a literal form like this, but this was a perfect reminder that art is often right in front of us. It's everywhere, in everything, just waiting to be discovered, appreciated, marveled at. My favorite thing about art, is that like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. 

Some may see a spider web as a nuisance and sweep it away, but if you actually look closely it's an intricate design of tiny strings that are carefully and beautiful woven together.

 Same thing with a birds nest... you may not think anything of it, but it took hours of carefully placing twigs and scraps or material to construct.  Obviously I find art in nature... but it's other places, too. 

The makeup on a woman's face is art to me. I use brushes to apply color to my face, I just use powders instead of paint. 

The bindings and front covers of books are art. They are the first impression and can capture attention and inspire you to open a book you may have otherwise passed by. (although I don't suggest judging a book by its cover... I've ready some horrible, yet pretty books)

How about the way that hair blows in the breeze on a warm day when the sun is shining down and the world seems perfect?

I could go on and on....

I may not make it to see the so-called seven wonders of the world in my lifetime, but I come across small wonders each and every day.


  1. Love, love, love it!! :)

    Spider webs are amazing!! Especially with dew in them <3


  2. YES!! This was wonderful to read!! I love the carving in the table. Just imagine, whoever did that work had no idea it was meant for you and would be shared around the country on your blog! :) I took a walk around my neighborhood yesterday, armed with my camera and time to spare. I was amazed at all of the beauty surrounding me, things I walk past everyday. It is everywhere, if we only slow down and really see. Great post Sara, thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts. :)

  3. Beautiful post! I love that you saw the word ART carved into the table. :) How cool! Thanks for sharing the story. :)

  4. That ART carving is amazing! It probably would have brought tears to my eyes. I agree that you can find the most incredibly, visual appealing reminders of beauty in the most unlikely of places. Really lovely post.


  5. Thanks Jordan! I love spiderwebs, especially with dew... as long as the spiders aren't on them :)

    Melinda... thanks! I would love to know who it was who carved that! If I wasn't paying attention I would have set my bag down right on top of it and never even noticed it! I can't wait to see your pictures from your walk... it sounds lovely!

    Taylor Lynn... Thanks! and I felt like I had to share it... art is made to be shared :)

    Melissa... I was definitely in awe when I first saw it! Thanks!

  6. Awesome post! The beauty found in nature is phenomenal, nothing better! How cool you saw that carving....it was meant just for you!


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