for the love of freelance whales (day 26)

I liked freelance whales.... then I watched this video and that like blossomed into a full-blown heart-wrenching undying, uncontrollable love. I'm amazed and inspired by their talent... There's nothing more I can even say to describe this... except please watch/listen to this video....

Day 26 - A picture of yourself and a family member

my dad and I on Easter in 1983


  1. Okay... if I had to judge by that song, I'd say Freelance Whales is AMAZING. I love that they're nothing like your typical band - there's an accordian, a banjo and xylophone! And that song is fantastic. THANK YOU FOR SHARING, SARA! <3

  2. WHAT AN AWESOME SONG! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHUUUU ive definitely found a new love jejeje :) :)

    Such a cute picture of you and your dad :) Love it! your dress is adorable <3

  3. I LOVE that video!! I've never heard of Freelance Whales... I'm their new rabid fan thanks to you! In fact I already looked up their CD on Amazon... ;)

    You are the cutest little peanut!! :)

  4. That band sure is unique, I have to admire that. For some reason, my music of choice is wild, usually fast, and loud. lol People are always surprised by my musical taste because I seem like a Grateful Dead mellow kind of girl. I guess it's my wild side coming up! That picture is so cute!


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