I will do one thing today (day 22)

I came across a wonderful article today... it basically suggests choosing one important thing to to each day, and doing that one thing before you do anything else. 

Today, I will do one thing! The thing: read my history books... I've been putting it off!

What is the one thing you are going to do today?

Day 22 - A picture of your favorite book 


  1. I haven't read "Eat, Pray, Love" yet... I glanced through it once, though, and I think I'd probably like it. :) I can tell you did! ;D

  2. what an awesome thing to do each day :) I think im going to start doing this each morning <3

    LOVEEEE EAT PRAY LOVE! it was the book i could never put down!!!!

  3. Good idea! It's hard to narrow down one specific thing, though.

  4. Thank you and Super Sorry I've been away so long...this is for you:


  5. I could have guessed that would be a favorite of yours! ;) I wonder, did you accomplish your goal today? Is history any better than you remember? ;)

  6. I have been putting off the movie so I could read the Eat, Pray, Love book. I need to get it. Tho I have a sizable stack of books waiting to be read already lol.

  7. Today I'm taking photos of my newest wall sculpture called "Earth Angels" and getting it listed tonight. I'm trying not to groan!


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