I get by with a little help from these quotes (day 21)

I survived my first day of nothing but homework. I got some reading done, wrote a 2 page letter to my english professor about my goals for the semester, wrote a 3 page paper about the importance of the I Have a Dream speech, finished 2 discussion posts, and paid approximately $81 for one freakin textbook. and it wasn't even new. Let's not get me started on textbooks prices.

Instead let's look at a few new posts on From Up North that have inspired me or made me smile...

this one is specifically for Taylor Lynn :)

Day 21 - A picture of something you wish you were better at 


  1. Great quotes!

    Patience. Indeed I wish I were better at it. For some things I have endless patience, kids are one. Other things, like bad driving, I wanna rip my hair out or punch someone! Hahah, I need more balance.

  2. WONDERFUL :) You had me smiling the whole way through, what awesome quotes and an amazing picture at the end! I need patience every single day jeje

  3. LOL, thanks for that Tolkien quote, Sara! ;)

    I also love the Einstein one, as well as the one by John Green.

    And that photo of patience is fabulous! :D

  4. My favorite is that Einstein quote, how true! We each excel at our own things, great to remember! Patience was a tricky one for me, I finally think I have a handle on it! Sure makes life more enjoyable! :) And no, I won't get you started on the textbook prices because I would only fuel your fire... I think they're INSANE!! ;) Glad day 1 went so well...

  5. I love "not all who wander or lost" (being a gypsy and all). Beautiful quotes and pictures! :)


  6. Kelli - I know exactly what you mean! I have no patience for bad drivers either... they make me yell sentences that are 95% profanities! Balance is definitely a goal of mine, too!

    Veronica Grace - I'm so happy I could make you smile today :) If only patience came in a bottle! lol

    Taylor Lynn - You're very welcome! I saw it and just knew that you would appreciate it :)

    Melinda - So what's your secret?! I've been trying to learn patience for years unsuccessfully!

    Melissa - that's one of my favorites too! I'm happy you liked them :)

  7. What awesome quotes! Love them all! You always have a little inspirational feel good vibe to your posts that I enjoy.

    Sorry about those textbooks, $80 doesn't even sound too bad compared to some of the prices my daughter has had to pay. And then they buy them back for 10% of the selling price because the class will be using a new edition. What a racket (racquet?)!

  8. My secret Sara? One day I realized that everything happens at the most perfect timing for me, created by me (the spirit part, not the stinky ego part!). How can I find fault with that? It has made me endlessly open and willing to wait and see what Spirit has in store. It's always so much better than the things I think up anyway! Besides, once I learned to live in the moment (something I still work on!) I wonder what I'm rushing for. This is the moment I've got, why rush it? :) It all works out beautifully in the end. (It's my secret to not worrying too!) Not much of a 'secret', right? :)


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