let the fun begin (day 20)

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for 2 summer classes... well, actually I do. I was being ambitious and thinking that taking extra classes would help me graduate sooner. 

Which was a great idea. Until I was finally able to log on and check out the syllabi for my English Comp II and US History online classes. It's a good thing I was sitting down because I was a little shocked by the size of my weekly assignments. So squeezing 16 weeks of assignments into 8 weeks is going to take up my full attention of every minute of every hour of every day if I want to keep my GPA. 

I have  6 papers to write in English,  not to mention 24 discussion posts, 10 quizzes. History is a lot of reading... there are 2 text books and I'm not a fan of reading things that don't interest me. History is in the top 5 of things that don't interest me.

So I guess my painting and sewing projects are on hold until August... and I'm off to start working on long list of homework I have due at midnight on Saturday (reading 4 chapters (which is over 200 pages), 2 quizzes, 6 discussions, and 2 essays).

I still plan on taking about 45 min- 1 hour every morning or evening to catch up on all your wonderful blogs so make sure to post lots of pretty summer photos so I can live vicariously through those not spending the summer at the library! :)

Day 20 - A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel 



  1. Aw, that's too bad history doesn't interest you... :/ I personally love it!

    Those are great photos of Bali... I love them! You found some great ones. But I'm sure when you go you'll get some even better ones! :)

  2. what gorgeous pictures :) I hope you get to go soon! also i hope these 8 weeks fly by and you do great :) wishin you luck girliee!

  3. I was just telling my fiance last night that I want to go to Bali. :) Good luck with your crazy course schedule! It sounds like a lot, but I know you can do it! :)


  4. Holy cow! You'll be BUSY!! You may find history much more interesting than it was in High School, if that's the last place you've experienced it. Once I started teaching the girls (and really learning it, by the way!) I found it fascinating! It reads like a fictional story, especially ancient history, it's amazing! However, I'm guessing that cramming it into such a short amount of time may take some of the enjoyment out of it... ;) So, I'll just wish you the best of luck! My advice (and I hate giving advice!) is to make sure you take some time for you, just you, everyday. Even if it's 15 minutes to refresh your spirit. :)

  5. Taylor Lynn... I'm hoping I can get into it... it's just been a really long time since I've taken a history class! and I will definitely be investing in a pretty fancy camera before I go to Bali so that I will be able to relive my trip over and over on film :)

    Veronica Grace... Me, too! The first 16 went by quick so hopefully I blink and these 8 are over :)

    Melissa... Ah, isn't Bali beautiful?! Thanks for the luck, I think I might need it... lol... I didn't get as much done today as I thought I would!

    Melinda... I hope history is more fun this time around! It's US History since the civil war, so I'm hoping since it's more recent it won't be too bad. and I love advice :) especially yours... I will remember to take a few breaks and meditate :)

  6. Sounds great! I want a nice camera, myself. :) Hugs!

  7. History, hmmmm. Depending on the teacher, that could be really dry or really interesting. My history class in college was a real dud. I like the older history better than the newer history, the industrial revolution and all that. Good luck! Sounds like you're going to be super busy! Don't stop painting!!!!!!


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