history of my forgotten creative pursuits (day 29)

I'm feeling like a need a little more inspiration today.... 

It's hot (100 degrees yesterday!). 
I might have one of the most boring, least stimulating jobs. ever. 
I can't decide what to write my essay on... I have to argue my point of view and I'm not much of an arguer. 
I have 5 chapters to read in 2 different history books.... and I'm sorry to report that I haven't had a change of heart when it comes to history. I find myself rereading the same page over and over because I find it so boring that I can't focus. If only history had vampires or fallen angels :)

So I decided to take a different approach to history.... The history of my forgotten creative pursuits!!

This is a little inspiration book I started making a few months ago (and never finished, surprise, surprise!).  I forgot all about it, and just came across it while looking for a composition book on my messy shelf.... Hope you enjoy :)

And just for fun, here's a picture of me doing what I seem to do most lately.... sit in front of my mac! (notice the pink squirt bottle next to me.. to keep Elizabeth Taylor, the cat, away from Bacchus, the cockatiel!)

Day 29 - A picture of someone you miss

my grandpa... I just didn't have enough time with him and I miss him every day


  1. That inspiration book is incredible... now I want to make one! :)

    It sounds like your history books are boring ones... blech. History is really interesting for me, but pretty much only if I've got good, interesting books on it!

  2. I love that little book! I hope it managed to spark some creativity! :) You know, I was thinking maybe it's the books we use for history, they really read like a story. Maybe you should suggest them to your teacher. ;) Or yes, maybe they should just throw in a random vampire or two to spice things up... ;)

  3. what an amazing idea! Such an inspiring book :) Im thinking about doing one myself i love it so much, and you look so cute in that pic <3 what an awesome name for a cat jeje soo cuteeeee!

  4. Taylor Lynn... I highly recommend making a book like this!! I got the idea from a book I rented at the library and spent a whole day cutting out pictures and drawing... it's a great source of inspiration on those days when you're just not feeling it!

    Renee... thank you!

    Melinda... Thanks! It did spark some creativity! I could definitely read history if it were more like a story... my textbooks all seem so monotone! I mean, I'm sure there were vampires around back then, they're everywhere now... lol

    Veronica Grace... I think you should make an inspiration book! It was fun and I left plenty of room to add things as I go :) and thanks!

  5. Cool little book, Sara! That sucks your job and your history class are a drag. Maybe you need to take a little painting break, or add another page to your book. Don't push yourself too hard, you'll be able to concentrate better if you give yourself a little creativity break every day. Good luck

  6. Definitely, Sara! I think I may have to. :) Thanks for the idea!


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