thank you thursday (day 30)

Today, I am thankful for lists. Because I would simply die without them!

I am thankful for vegetables because they're healthy and they actually force me to cook (and don't tell anyone, but as long as I'm listening to music and drinking wine... I kind of enjoy it!)

I am thankful for the little bunny who seems to live in my front yard (much safer than the backyard where my ferocious beasts roam!)... I share my berries with her and she encourages me to be very still and just observe her little bunny nose!

I am thankful for my lovely little blog, as it gives me a release and let's me vent and share my thoughts, ideas, and art. although I'm feeling its needing a little makeover... maybe when summer semester ends...

I am thankful for the basketball hoop in my driveway. I've been practicing and I can make 3 point shots, and I'm much better at making shots off the backboard. It's almost kind of like mediation for me... I concentrate on trying to make the shots and tune out my rambling inside voice! But I also do a little cheer jump every time I make it... a little self-cheering never hurt anyone :)

I'm thankful for the sun rising in the sky behind me... even though by noon its really really hot and makes anywhere outside feel like an oven... its better than snow (I keep telling myself this!)

I'm thankful for generosity. Specifically,  my darling Amber... who came over last week with her handsome little man, Jackson. She let us use her fancy camera to take some pics of my paintings. I'm reminded constantly how lucky I am to have her as a friend and I especially love hearing her insurance stories now that I'm not in that industry anymore :)

I'm thankful for old friends. My friend Carin also came over last weekend. She went to OU for photography so she took a bunch of pics and then edited them for me. I used to hang out with her about 7 years ago almost every single day... we worked together, lived a few blocks away from each other,  went out together back in my crazier days. It was almost like being taken back in time when I was a lot different... more carefree, less stressed, more hopeful, and definitely more naive :) But it was refreshing and I enjoyed introducing her to Amber and Amber to her... it was a great day with wine, photos, and Italian food! I only wish I would have taken pictures!

I'm also thankful I have a job, even though I often despise it, because I know many people don't... and with that, I'm off to work :)

What are you thankful for today?

Day 30 - A picture of yourself


  1. I love this! I've been thinking of waking up every morning and putting together a little list of what I'm thankful for that day. And I totally agree with you about blogging being a nice release. :)


  2. Great picture!!! And that's a really good list, too.

  3. Your lovely little blog is fantastic. :) I can't wait to see its makeover! Though I think you may have already started on it... ;)

    And yay for little bunnies! I love it when you see a wild bunny in the yard. So long as no dogs or (if it's a baby) cats are going after it!

  4. It always makes me happy to read your lists :) Gives me so much to be thankful for too...

    Sometimes its to easy to be un-thankful! soo im thankful for these little reminders you always give me of remembering to be thankful <3

  5. I am also very thankful for lists! This is a great theme. :)


  6. What a thoughtful list, I can feel the gratitude rising in waves off of it. :) That's exactly the kind of energy we should all be putting out, imagine the changes we could create...:) Today I'm thankful for an afternoon spent with a friend. I find I don't often leave my home, being very comfortable with myself and my hermit lifestyle. ;) But every once in awhile Spirit reminds me of the joy to be found spending time with someone who accepts you as you are. Today, I'm grateful for that. :) Thanks for sharing your list. :)

  7. melissa... thanks! I have found it really helps me put things in perspective!

    Renee... thanks!!

    Taylor Lynn... Thank you... I did start experimenting a little! lol... there's definitely more to come!

    Veronica Grace... lol... thank you for thanking me for reminding you to be thankful with my thank you lists :)

    Mandy... Thanks! It's my favorite weekly post!

    Melinda... If everyone was thankful every day the world would be so much nicer! I'm so happy to hear that you had a lovely afternoon with a friend! Especially one who is accepting :) Those are without a doubt the only kind of friends to have! and you're welcome :)

  8. Wow, look at those blue eyes! You're a beauty, Sara! I love your gratitude lists. It reminds me to focus more on what I'm grateful for than what I'm missing. Thanks!


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