sustainable okc (day 3)

It's Friday! I've made it through my first week of no classes... I'm almost used to not having homework either in front of me or consuming my thoughts constantly. I'm sure I'll get used to it next week, right before summer classes start.

Since deciding earlier this week that I wanted to focus on sustainable design, I've been doing some research. I didn't find any sustainable design programs in Oklahoma (surprise, surprise) but there's an amazing program in Minnesota that I would love to take after I graduate. I did find an organization in Oklahoma though.... Sustainable OKC. I am now a member and I contacted the head of the marketing & PR committee about volunteering to do some graphic design work for them. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see what they need help with!

Now on to my 100 day challenge....

Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show

I cheated a little because I cannot choose. I tried. It's just not possible. Here are my 4 favorites :)

true blood


my so-called life

vampire diaries


  1. True Blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that show too and am always embarrassed to admit it. I have the biggest crush on Eric Northman!!! OMG!

  2. YAY Loveee my so called life :) awesomee

  3. I've never seen Glee, though I've heard it's good. On the other hand, we started watching My So-Called Life on the weekends, when Dad's working and we can't watch Lost... but then we watched some of Fame and got caught up in that instead. LOL. Maybe we'll go back once Fame's over... but I doubt Mom will want to because she wants us to watch The Loveboat next. And then Party of Five... LOL We've got big plans!

  4. Hehehe- this is so funny! My aunt used to watch "My So Called Life" and LOVED it!! So, my other aunt bought it for her for her birthday! Then we borrowed it from her and started watching it!! I enjoyed it :) Very normal teen like ;D

    Now I'm really interested in "Vampire Diaries"... great. ANOTHER show I want to watch!! And I've been wanting to wait "Glee"! The 1st season is on instant que on Netflix- so as soon as I have time... which is kinda hard... with not watching much TV, and when I do it's either "LOST" or "Fame"! ;D


  5. I haven't seen any of those except for My So Called Life. :) Some things are just too hard to narrow down, and what would be the point, really? ;)

  6. courtney... I have a huge crush on eric!! Have you read the books?! They're way different and I read them all in a month!

    Veronica Grace... isn't MSCL amazing?! I used to watch it every day after school until they cancelled it... I was crushed! My friend knows Jared Leto.... but to me he'll always be Jordan Catalano :)

    Taylor Lynn... I'm going to warn you... Glee is ADDICTING! I thought it was dumb until I watched it... instantly obsessed. Lol... your mom has huge plans for you :) I haven't even watched any of those shows!

    Jordan... You have to watch Vampire Diaries! It's soooo good! Vampires, werewolves, AND witches?! :)

    Melinda... I agree... why choose just one?! I think that you and the girls would love Glee :) It's fun but sometimes it makes me cry... lol... maybe I'm just a tad bit emotional!

  7. Oh boy, that can't be good. I'm already addicted to Fame and Lost! Jordan, we can't start Glee yet! I'll be overwhelmed with awesome shows! LOL ;)

  8. Way to be a go getter Sara! You're making things happen for yourself, I really admire that!

    I've only seen The Vampire Diaries..Damon...mmm, ymmy

    By the way, I copied and pasted those ABC's over to my blog, answered all the questions, but the answers aren't visible when I hit review. So I tried it again copying and pasting from I think Melinda's blog, answered the questions, and again...the answers aren't visible. I tried changing the text color thinking that was it, but apparently the text color can't be changed on copy/pasted stuff. So, if I can't figure it out, I may not do it, and I swear this isn't some lame excuse! I really tried.....twice!!


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