100 day challenge... day 2

So, as I said yesterday, I am going to be taking part in a 100 day challenge.
Today I'm on #2, which is A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

 When I read this I immediately thought of friends. But I have so many close friends that I grew up with... how could I pick just one. Then it dawned on me... duh, Sara.

my mom and I
 My mom and I don't always see eye to eye. OK, we RARELY see eye to eye. We are so much alike, yet so different. But I can call her in the middle of the night and she will answer. I can call her collect from a pay phone outside a grocery store, in a dress and barefoot at 5 am and ask her to drive 30 minutes to pick me up because I can't find my car and she will. (I know because I did this... almost 10 years ago and I've learned my lesson!) I can call her when I need a recipe. I can call her when my car won't start. She's hugged me while I cried over boys. She's helped me with my homework. She taught me how to ride a horse. She's done my make-up and hair while letting me play dress up with her clothes. She let me lick the bowl after making brownies. She's stayed up all night with me when I've been sick.

I don't even have a recent picture of both of us and I only see her once a year, but my mom has been there for me and she is without a doubt the person I've been closest with the longest. 


  1. How super sweet sara! Your mom is gorgeous, and even though i cant see her face completely i can see the super strong resemblance :) sooo cute!

  2. Aw, such a nice post! I agree with Grace, I can really see the resemblance. :)


  3. Awww, teary eyed....She's beautiful like you. I think I'd keel over dead if I only got to see my daughter once a year. That sure was a nice post, though. Does she read your blog?

  4. Beautiful post Sara, and a lovely tribute to your mom. I hope you sent her a link, this would probably make her whole week! :)

  5. Thanks ladies!
    We definitely look alike... although she's only 4'11" so I'm a little taller :)

    My mom isn't very good with computers so I know she definitely doesn't read this but I plan on sending it to her :) I think she'll like it because while I'm very grateful, I'm not the best at remembering to express it as much as I should.


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