soap and bubble baths (day 4)

I can't believe I forgot to mention this! I tweeted about it and completly forgot to blog about it... what was I thinking?
I bought bars of solid shampoo and conditioner from Courtney of The Everything Soap Blog. It arrived last Saturday, along with a sample of a facial bar, too! I've never been so excited about washing my hair. ever. I can't believe I never knew such an amazing thing existed! My hair is much softer and I haven't even needed my arbonne face lotion that I've used for years. I highly recommend all three of these soaps and can't wait to try her new lotion bar! Her shop is Milk & Honey Naturals if you're interested in trying it out :) 

and speaking of soaps......  It's time for my 100 day challenege

Day 04 - A picture of your dream night

bath. wine. book. a night just doesn't get much better than that! well, unless maybe there was some music playing and a big reese's peanut butter cup :)


  1. Sounds lovely, Sara! I'm guessing you'll be leaving Courtney some glowing feedback. :) Enjoy your new soaps!

  2. I would love to try that soap!! Sounds great.

  3. It's so funny, I have often thought a book tray for the bath would be so great, but I didn't actually know they existed, ha ha. That alone mad my night! The soap sounds fantastic too!

  4. Cool! I'll have to go to check out that website....Gawd knows my frizzy hair needs some softening in the rainforest we've been living in recently!

    Great pic for the dream night! I can relate to that!

  5. Oh that tub looks lovely, and I've always wanted one of those book thingys! I'm glad you liked Courtney's stuff, I've been thinking about her shampoo bars... :)


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