green design will save the world

Happy Wednesday lovely beautiful blog friends....

I have officially survived 2 finals, mounted 2 festival posters, wrote a final reflective essay, and designed my final for photoshop. Now all I have to do is print and mount it, go to class tomorrow night and my first semester of college is done. [big, huge sigh]

I had an interview with a local  non-profit that works with vets to offer a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, educate pet owners, provide id tags for animals, and adopts out hundreds of animals each year. I already donate to them each month and working as their Executive Assistant would be like a dream come true! So my fingers are crossed and hopefully I will hear something by the end of this week or beginning of next week.

This morning I am volunteering at the Plaza District and I am pumped because this Friday there is a lot of fun to be had at the Plaza. Not only are my friends and I having out Donate, Dine, & Wine at a new Irish pub, called Saints, located in the Plaza District (and it's their grand opening!), it's also LIVE! on the Plaza. Which means live music, galleries to walk through, a fashion show outside an amazing hair salon, and just an overall good time. I need to get my camera working before then... I'm lost without it!

So on with the green design.... I'm a huge fan of Inhabitat, whose tag line is "green design will save the world" how amazing is that? I am not very good at taglines so when I see a good one it thrills me!

I saw this office on their website and knew I had to share it...
It's a cardboard office. I'm in awe by most of the things on their website, but this one I found especially inspiring. Who comes up with ideas like this and why didn't I?! (to read about the start of Inhabitat, click here)

While I'm on the subject of cardboard... here's another fun idea I found thanks to Inhabitat.
or what about this vehicle? better for the environment and promotes exercise :)
this might possibly be my favorite.... recycled cardboard flash drives!!!
Ok... off to volunteer :) hope you all have a beautiful day!


  1. How awesome for you girlie!!!! I know you did great :) Ill be keeping my fingers crossed for you also, it would be loads of fun if you got the job <3

    Also those green designs are INCREDIBLE! ive never heard of recycled flash drives, this is the coolest thing ive seen in a while jeje how awesome!

  2. That is so funny (the photos of all the unique cardboard finds)! Good luck with the school rush - I enjoyed it while I was in, but looking back I do not miss college.

  3. Those are so awesome! I've seen some cardboard ipod speakers before, they were really cool too!

  4. Good luck, I hope you get the job! Let us know!

    And those green designs ROCK. I love them all, and now I want a recycled cardboard flash drive! LOL

  5. Fingers crossed for you and that job interview. :) Congrats on finishing up the semester without losing your mind, you should post your grades, I bet we'd all love a peek... ;) I cannot get over that cardboard office, unbelievable!!

  6. What's the deal with that van? Are everyone's feet sticking out underneath for moving it like in the Flinstones? lol

    Good luck with the job! Sounds like a good one for someone with a big heart like you! Although, if it's with the humane society, watch out or you'll wind up with a gajillion new pets.

    Thanks for your great posts and I loved the stumbleupon pics you posted a while back. I'll have to go check them out more closely.

    So was your photoshop helpful at all? I was thinking of taking a class, but part of me likes to learn by trial and error (mostly error!)


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