oh blogger.... It seems as though every time I've tried to log in lately, I've been given a blank white screen with an error. I don't really appreciate this very much, but it has given me a slight break.

I am officially done with this semester!!! I don't know all my grades yet, but that's likely what my post on Monday or Tuesday will be about. But I did find out my grade in Business Math.... keep in mind that math and I are not friends. We are mortal enemies and have despised each other for years. My brain sees in colors and shapes, not x's and y's. I firmly believe that letters have no place in equations, degrees of angles are meaningless, and dividends of stock are just plain pointless (unless you mess with the stock market, which I don't). With that being said......
here is my grade.

Amazing, huh? I'm still in slight shock myself! This sheet of paper is hanging on my refrigerator :)

So last night I went out with the girls to LIVE on the PLaza! It was so much fun and I wish my camera wasn't being uncooperative. The atmosphere was amazing, all the shops were local and featured great artists, there were musicians playing music in or out of almost all the shops, and there was even a live outdoor fashion show that was done by the salon I go to, the Velvet Monkey. They have one every 2nd Friday of the month, and I definitely see more in my future! Amber took some great pictures, but here's the only one I took....
amber & i
This morning I slept until 11 am. Which is insane. I haven't slept that long in a while, but I guess I needed it! Then I went to Diana's. We went to The Wine Gallery to check out my paintings, drop off my latest painting and of course, buy some sparkling moscato and my new favorite local beer, Coop Ale Works very own cerveza, Horny Toad. Then we painted her front porch while having a few beers. Painting is so much more fun when there's a few beers involved.

diana & i (future home depot models!)

Now I'm home, listening to music and cleaning... getting ready to make some popcorn and watch Blue Valentine (because I love love love Ryan Gosling!) and paint. I've been working on a few new paintings... here is one of them...

Hope you all survived blogger's meltdown and are having a beautiful weekend :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the awesome grade! YAY!

    And I love love love that peace tree painting... absolutely stunning. :) Great job, as usual! ;)

  2. Wow, how about that fabulous grade? Well done, I'd say you deserve it! :) Last year I went through my house and repainted almost the entire thing! It didn't start out that way, but once I got going... I seem to do that every several years. Wish I had some help... ;)
    Your new painting is awesome, the colors really grabbed me. And I love peace. :)

  3. Contrats on the grade, girl! Must be a relief to have the semester over with. I spent 6 1/2 years in college, so I can relate!

    That painting is beautiful, love how you incorporated the peace sign into it!

  4. Thanks Taylor Lynn!

    Thanks Melinda... I found out the rest of my grades today but they won't be officially posted on-line until Wednesday! If I lived closer I'd help you paint :)

    Thanks Laurie... it's a huge relief! It feels weird to not have homework though... it's like I'm forgetting something! I don't know if I could handle 6 1/2 years though! 2 might be my limit for right now!


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