simply smitten & other lives

Two very amazing things happened to me yesterday.... which is incredible for a Monday.

1. I found a song from a band I recently discovered..... it was love at first listen. I absolutely love finding new music!

2. I received a package in the mail (hand delivered by my awesome postman (my bf's father) to my front door) from Melinda of Simply Smitten/Inspiration Earth. I ordered her grapefruit lip balm and vanilla sugar scrub at the end of last week and was happy that it arrived on my doorstep so soon! She also was so sweet  to include an extra lip balm (peppermint!) and a lavender air mist spritz! Absolutely brightened my final filled Monday :) I would take a picture of my new favorite organic items but unfortunately my camera is still in ICU and I'm not sure if she's going to pull through.... but my smile is so wide it might not fit on the screen anyway! Thank you Melinda for making such amazing, earth friendly products... I love them!

Now off to start my day.... I have 2 finals before noon, a mounting project, and an interview for a job that I really really really want! So I'll leave you with my 2 favorite songs from Other Lives. 

Other Lives is a local band from Stillwater, OK. They used to be an instrumental band, and recently started singing, too.... which I'm very thankful for! I heard about their music through twitter and I've fallen in deep mad love.... enjoy :)


  1. I love those "Love at first listen" songs, don't you? Music is absolutely amazing. I love it to death. <3 I don't know what I'd do without my iPod!!!

  2. I hope your finals and your job interview go really well! Good luck.

  3. Awwww, thanks so much Sara, what fun to come across my name in one of my favorite blogs!! :) I'm so glad you liked your goodies! Couldn't listen to the songs yet... my computer speaker button has gone missing...

  4. Sweet - Congrats Simply Smitten! I love new music and old favorites. When certain songs come on they literally bring me back to specific memories more than even a photo can. I can actually feel that day again. It's so crazy!

  5. What an awesome surprise :) I always love checking my mail and getting fun gifts jeje

    I hope your having a greay day and i hope your finals go well :D :D :D


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