taking a small break...

so it's finally friday...... what a week!!!

I hung all my paintings yesterday in The Wine Gallery... here's a picture of one of them...
The light didn't mesh well with my camera on my phone but you get the idea... this one I made especially for the wine gallery and the purples in the painting go so nicely with the wall!

The weather in Oklahoma City was perfect yesterday...

I took this picture from my phone when I was driving home... this is the field behind my house. It's so nice to be seperated from a busy road but the land is for sale.... and it's commercial property so I'm not looking forward to the construction and buildings that will be happening here in the future.

This is going to be my last post until next week... Miranda is on her way while I type and there's tons of fun to be had this weekend! But don't worry I will take plenty of pictures and post them on Tuesday :) I will catch up on all your blogs after my little mini-computer-vacation! I've been reading them all from my phone, I'm just not able to comment!

I hope you all have a positively wonderful weekend!!


  1. Love it! super proud of you lady <3

  2. The picture looks fantastic! <3 it!! The weather also looks fantastic!! Hopefully it stays that way :)
    Have a fun weekend! <3 See you next week! (((Hugs!)))


  3. Aww the painting looks wonderful in the gallery :)

  4. That painting does look perfect on that wall! We had a gorgeous, GORGEOUS day here in CT. Shorts and wide open windows weather, it was glorious! :) I hope that you have a fabulous time this weekend, you deserve some laughter and fun after going through with that gallery painting! :)

  5. Awesome, Sara! Your painting is perfect for the Wine Gallery. :) And it looks like the weather in Oklahoma City is lovely; I hope you enjoy it, and have a fun weekend! <3

  6. The painting looks amazing - What a perfect fit!


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