my beautiful weekend

What a wonderful long (but short) weekend...
We started out with dinner and wine on Friday night at Louie's and came home to a house without power... thank you Oklahoma winds.
Saturday morning we volunteered to Plant the Plaza District, which was really fun! Our shift was from 9-11 so we worked on weeding and cleaning up 2 planters. The next shift planted the flowers and spread the mulch. I haven't driven by since but it's on my list of things to do this week... I bet it looks amazing!

Then we headed over to my favorite farmers market, Sterling Produce. But when we walked in, half the store was empty. I grabbed some fresh goodies and made my way to the counter where I heard the owner telling the couple in front of me that they were closing. I patiently waited my turn and talked with her for a few minutes. She said that her father, who was in his 80's, didn't want to run it anymore and that she was out voted by her family to keep it open. I've been going there at least every other weekend for years and I don't know what I will do this Saturday knowing it's not open.

Then we headed to the Festival of the Arts... 

i was super excited because we just so happened to walk by right as Jamie Bramble was starting to sing.... I love his voice! The weather was beautiful and I'm so happy that I was able to share my favorite event in OKC with Miranda!

Next, we headed over to The Wine Gallery to get 4 more bottles of wine and check out my paintings... Even though we had this trip planned long before I knew my paintings were going to be displayed there, I'm so grateful that she was here to see them! It was kind of weird walking into a store and seeing my paintings hanging up, but amazing at the same time.

Then we went back to my house to get ready to go out. We decided to go to a place that used to be called Club Rodeo, but was changed a few months ago to Cowboys. Neither one of us are really big fans of country music but the club has an arena inside it where the do live bull-riding on Fri and Sat nights and I just really don't think a trip to Oklahoma is complete without experiencing it!


Sunday it was rainy and we spent the day shopping, then Miranda taught me how to use my sewing machine!! I'm so excited about this and I finally finished the curtains in my living room... I admire them every time I walk by....

Yesterday I started my new job! It's a whole lot of filing hr records and scanning but everyone seems nice and they work around my school schedule. So I'm going to by working mornings until the semester is over then I'm debating between working a few hours a day or working a few full days to get to my 20 hours. Then Miranda and I went to 105 degrees, which is a yummy organic, vegan, gluten-free restaurant... I had a lavender lemonade and a veggie pizza, which was amazing.

I'm really sad that Miranda is gone... and to make it even more sad, my darling little Cleopatra went home with her... so two friends left me! Elizabeth Taylor might be even more sad that I am and she's been wandering around the house looking for her (you can see in the above picture that she was looking for her behind the curtains!) But Cleo will love her new adventure and her new home... and I will be able to see her whenever I go back to Wisconsin to visit. It's just hard to say goodbye to her considering I found her a year ago, only a week old without her little green eyes open yet and bottle fed her every 3 hours for weeks.

So that's the quick recap of my lovely visit from Miranda... It went by way too fast! I'm hoping to get caught up on blogs tomorrow, for now I have to study for my last Business Math exam before the final next week. The exam is at 1:30 today and I haven't opened my book since Thursday so I have a little bit of memorizing to do!

Hope you enjoyed my weekend in photographs and that you all had fantastic weekends, too!


  1. It sounds like you & Miranda had a fabulous weekend! <3 What fun! :)

    You both look very cute in your pictures :) & I love your curtains! Isn't it fun to sew?

    The best of luck to Cleopatra adjusting to her new home- & I hope Elizabeth Taylor feels happier soon <3


  2. It looks like you had a blast! And that organic, vegan, gluten-free restaurant sounds awesome. I wish there was one around here, LOL!

    Also - I love your curtains, you did a great job! And I hope Elizabeth Taylor adjusts soon...

    Taylor Lynn <3

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! I love planting and being outside, and I haven't had a chance to do it yet! Your curtains look awesome! I am thinking I should try that out, maybe :)

    I feel sad for Elizabeth Taylor! Poor thing. I hope they both adjust well.

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  5. Typo's grrrr
    Wow, you did what takes me a week to do all in one weekend!
    Amazing :)
    Hope your week is relaxing after all that!
    Congrats on your new job <3

  6. Whew, that sunburn looks brutal! What a great weekend, cute friends, cute kitties, and four bottles of wine! LOL. I've never heard of a club that featured bull riders before. Only in Oklahoma I guess! I know Oklahoma is a rodeo kind of state, all my nieces and nephew went to college there on rodeo scholarships.

  7. What a wonderful weekend, I'm so glad you had fun! :) I'm pining for an organic, vegan restaurant around here... someday. Love the curtains, can't wait to see what you'll create next, now that you have the hang of the machine! Looks like you got a little sun... ;)


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