monday morning inspiration

As I've taken the first few steps into displaying my work in public, I've learned a whole lot. I didn't realize how much work goes into it and I'm feeling exhausted. There's so many little details and touch ups here and there... my clothes have speckles of paint, in my house lingers the faint stench of uv protective spray, and my mind is on overdrive. My index finger is a little stiff from my obsession with getting perfect pictures and my wallet feels lighter but I have pretty new business cards on the way.

I've decided it would be nice to put together a portfolio of my past work to have with me at the wine tasting this Wednesday. I decided this yesterday and with volunteering today and trying to finish homework and 2 more paintings, I haven't really left myself much time to put it together... but here are a few of pictures of my work old and new (I don't have pictures of a lot of my earlier work so this starts last year)... I'll start with the oldest and move towards the newest and hopefully my journey on canvas inspires you on this monday morning.
this one hangs in a newlyweds house in WI (and its my all time favorite!!!)
My first Etsy sale! This painting lives in Brooklyn!

This painting hangs in my friend Shasta's house

this is still isn't finished and is in my spare room

this one is hanging in my dining room
this painting (along with the one below) now live in Austin, TX
they were my 2nd and 3rd Etsy sales
inspired by Diana, this one is going to The Wine Gallery

This one hangs in my hall, i still love Edward Cullen

This one also hangs in the hall but is soon going to The Wine Gallery

Another Wine Gallery piece

this one, too
and this one...
this is my 4th Etsy sale and now lives in CT with Melinda

this one was created specifically for the Wine Gallery
That's all lovely beautiful blog friends... I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and make the most of the start of this new week... now I'm off because I'm late!!!


  1. YOUR SOOO AMAZINGLY TALENTED :) Your painting are so so so beautiful :P I love them!!!!!!!!

    I hope your having an awesome Monday :)

  2. Inspiring and refreshing – Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your work is so beautiful! I have to say, I think my favorite is the first piece... the colors are gorgeous, and the graceful swirls are incredible. Fabulous job- you're so talented!

  4. I love the second one with the two fish. So cute! I think all the bird ones are beautiful! I've always wished I could paint. . . But at least I can enjoy the work of others! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Those paintings are awesome Sara! They remind me of projects from my graphic arts and calligraphy classes in college. Have you ever thought about making prints and selling them as cards?

  6. Holy Cow ~ those are AWESOME!! Of course I adore mine, but I'm also in love with fate, the Gandhi quote and that sunshine one is gorgeous!! I can't wait to hear how the wine gallery goes, I'm sure you'll be amazing! :)


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