paintings, business cards, and birthdays

It's finally finished!!!

30 x 40 x 1.5
Well kind of... I still want to go over the words with another layer to make them a little thicker and darker. But you get the idea. This is from my most favorite book Eat, Pray, Love and it says 'the sun that moves the sun and the other stars', it just looks prettier :)

I also ordered my new business cards....

Aren't they pretty?!?! My little sister did a wonderful job :) I can't wait to get them!

And Happy Happy Birthday to my lovely friend Courtney, who started calling me Sarafina which lead to my shop name! Love you, miss you and can't wait to see you in November!!!

Super short today... sorry! I'm trying to get a whole lot done and I'm running out of time!


  1. Beautiful painting *as usual* when i get a home i definitely want one of your painting hanging on my walls jeje Your new business cards are gorgeous alsoo!!!

  2. Lovely job! <3 And I love your new business cards... your sister did indeed do a wonderful job. :)

    Happy Birthday, Courtney! <3

  3. I love the business card too. When I run out I'll be updating my design. My taste changes all the time so I get them professionally printed only 50 at a time.

    P.S. My name is Courtney also :-D

  4. The painting is gorgeous, your writing looks perfect! The business cards also look great, I just ordered new ones recently. I seem to have a problem with that... I design and order new ones before I've even used up the old! Good luck tomorrow! :)

  5. Good luck tonight, and I'm lovin' the business cards, too!

  6. Thanks Veronica Grace and Taylor Lynn!

    Courtney - that's a good idea! I have about 5 other designs I want but only went with one for now...

    Melinda - I do that same thing... I have a few of my old ones left but I was tired of them! We should take Courtney's advice and only get 50 printed of one kind at a time :)

    Laurie - Thanks!!! Keep your fingers crossed that I don't hyperventilate!


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