sunday morning music

The only thing that can possibly be better than a sunday morning, is a rainy sunday morning. I've been patiently waiting for rain for weeks and putting up with inaccurate weather forecasts, who have been promising rain all week. So when I woke up this morning to a small rumble in the sky and heard the pitter patter of rain drops, I was elated.

So Friday night I went out with my friends... you know you had a good time when at the end of the night your jaw hurts from laughing so much! Amber took all the pics on her pretty camera so this is the only one I got...

Then yesterday I took a day off from my computer because I was feeling overwhelmed... I actually laid on the couch and watched tv in the morning (which I rarely do) and then I had a workshop in the afternoon where I learned how to take pictures of my paintings... or should I say, I learned how expensive all the equipment is that I need to take good pictures of my paintings.

Each week just keeps getting busier and busier as the end of the semester approaches. Now I have final projects to be working on and I have the wine tasting this wednesday where I get to paint in front of people. I've been trying not to think about it because it gives me anxiety.

Today instead of poems I'm going to give you a few of my newly discovered favorite songs, because lyrics are basically poetry and I'm in more of music than writing mood this morning....


  1. Oh, I love rain! It rained here last night and I was so happy! I love "My Sweet Song" by the way. It's been a favorite for a couple years now. I am going to have to check out the others as well!

  2. The second I hit play on "Breathe Me", I fell in love. It's BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for introducing me. :)

    I'm glad you had fun with your friends on Friday! I hope today was just as fun! <3

    Taylor Lynn <3

  3. Hey Sara, we needed rain bad here in Arkansas but now we've had about 9 or 10 inches and everything's flooded! I'm ready for sunshine!

    I've done quick sketches of people at art shows and have been a demonstrator at Silver Dollar City and you'll be nervous for a little bit, but it passes. People are really nice and they'll be impressed by what you do. Good luck!

  4. Aww im hoping for rain here today, the sky is dark so i have my fingers crossed!

    The equipment is expensive for "photo taking" I realize this more and more as i want to continue improving my shots jeje <3

  5. I love a rainy day too, so peaceful and relaxing. I'm glad you enjoyed a wet Sunday. I'm also happy you took the day, or part of the day and relaxed. The computer can definitely become overwhelming at times. I know, I needed an entire week to recover! ;)


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