thank you thursday (day 44)

Today I am thankful for....

...almond milk... so yummy in my honey bunches of oats cereal!

...the fan that is blowing on me as I type... I'm over the 100+ degree weather.

you... for reading my blog and leaving me lovely comments that make me smile :)

...my new Keep It Local card! I am now eligible for savings at locally owned businesses throughout the metro area... I took advantage of Monday night BOGO pizzas at The Wedge... mmmmm.

...moments like this when all the animals in my house as peaceful and sleeping like little angels :)

...my dog Frankie waking me up really really early... I may not want to get out of my comfy memory foam bed, but once I open the backdoor to let him outside and I see the sun rising, it's so worth it!

...the news that my mom's horse, Star, is feeling better today. Yesterday the poor baby couldn't even stand. The vet told my mom that he twisted something internally and her options were surgery (which he might not live through because he's pretty old) or euthanizing him. Luckily, my smart mom said she didn't want to do either yet. They gave him some meds and today he was eating and hanging out with the mares :)

...some spare time to start three new small paintings. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do next, but I'm sure I'll figure something out!

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Day 44 - A picture of someone you’re told you look like.

When my hair was longer (as it is in the picture below) I seriously had people telling me all the time that I looked like 'that lawyer who wears pink'. Now that my hair is shorter, I don't get it quite as much, but I did have someone tell me I looked like her last week. 

around December 2008


  1. Wow, you do look a lot like Reese Witherspoon! I love her- especially in "Walk The Line"- if you haven't seen it you should rent it!

    I have been wanting to try almond milk because everyone says it is yummy and healthy. I don't really get how they make milk from almonds, but that is one of life's wonderful mysteries, I guess!

    I love the colors you used in your new paintings! :)

  2. Yep, you do look just like her!

  3. Holy cow, you DO look like her. Elle, I think her name is in that movie.

    What? You don't make your own almond milk like the Smitten Family? That's something to aspire to!

    Glad to see you've got some paintings started!

  4. Those canvases are going to be awesome. I'm quite positive about it! :D

    And WOW, you DO look like her! Like, you two could be dopplegangers, going by those photos. :)

  5. Lol ~ you do look like her!!! Yay for almond milk (and I had to giggle at Laurie's comment! ;) Can't wait to see what manifests on those empty canvasses... sure to be works of art! :)


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