make living your art (day 43)

I finally squeezed in some painting time!

I have a few canvases laying around that I just wasn't happy with so I decided to repaint them. here's one that I am currently working on....

You can't see in the picture, but I added some detail to the words. I painted tiny pink dots that swirl and wave through the letters. I am going to add another color and then I'll take close ups so you can see :)

and I made a new discovery!!!

Ever heard of MacKenzie -Childs? I was in search of some bird inspiration and came across this...

 and just like that, I feel head over heels for MacKenzie -Childs. 

Their farm is located near Aurora, NY and it is now on my list of places to visit. Their ceramics and furniture are handmade and the front page of their catalog features tons of pictures that inspired them (mostly nature pics from around their farm).

I want absolutely everything in their Butterfly Collection!

Ok, my fun here is over... on to US History since the Civil War... I'm just passed WWI and I'm doing some major cramming for the test on Friday. 

Hope you're having a lovely day :)

Day 43 - A picture of something you can’t function without

Here are a few things I cannot function without.
1. My MacBook Pro... I'd be lost without it!
2. My Motorola Droid phone... I've had it since Dec of 2009 and it's survived a swim in the river!
3. My planner... it keeps me ahead of schedule on my homework
4. My lip balm... currently obsessed with Melinda's Inspiration Earth organic 
(in grapefruit splash & cooling peppermint)


  1. "Make Living Your Art"- I love that! Inspirational, and you are such a good painter!

    That bed is gorgeous. You would wake up each day feeling like Snow White! :)

  2. That bed is amazing!! I need it! lol

  3. WHAT AN AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS PAINTING! those words are so true <3 <3

    i neeeed to pick up some of Mrs. Melindas lip balms! seriously jeje

  4. Beautiful painting Sara! Those are words to live by and you captured them in such a pretty way.


  5. Thank you ladies! It's always lovely and inspiring to get such positive feedback and I very much appreciate it!

  6. Beautiful painting, Sara! Have you ever tried using dimensional paint? It comes in little squeeze bottles and you can make raised lines, designs, dots... It might look cool on some of your lettering

  7. What an AWESOME bed!

    And that new canvas is fantastic, Sara. You're an amazing artist! <3

  8. Another most awesome painting!! And you just made my day to see those lip balms nestled in all nice and cozy next to your computer and phone! Felt like you gave me a little present! :)


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