monday morning motivation (day 34)

The inspiration for this morning is my obsession with So You Think You Can Dance. It all began a few years ago with this.....

Elisa on So You Think You Can Dance 

I guess it was a combination of the music and the movement, as I watched this for the first time, and every time since then I get chills. It's beautiful and so poetic... it's amazing the emotions that movement can evoke. Here are a few photos to motivate and hopefully start your week off on the right foot :)

All of these image came from favim.com except for the first, which I found on fromupnorth.com

Day 34 - A picture of your currently most played CD


  1. I use to love (LOVE) that show! Now I find myself watching little to no tv, but if I were to pick a show to watch, it would definitely be this one! Watching people dance almost puts me in a coma, I'm completely mesmerized! What great photo picks of the day, so, so joyful. That last one with the flower is my favorite!! Hope you had a marvelous Monday! :)

  2. What beautiful photos! So gorgeous... it's hard to choose favorites, but I think if I had to I'd pick #1 with the polka dot dress, #3 with the birds flying from the girl's hair on the beach, #7 with the girl dancing on the road and #10 with the flower!

    So You Think You Can Dance is great show, though I haven't watched it for ages now... I remember that one of my all-time favorite dances, and one of the ones I remember best, was inspired by a hummingbird... does it ring a bell...?

  3. How beautiful :) i love poetic dance, those pictures are soo inspiring thanks for sharing such an awesome post!

  4. We watch that show, it's cool, and so are the photos you chose. I did a series of dancer designs that I cut out of wood a couple of years ago that I might bring back to life. I've always loved doing figures, especially the nude female. Let's see, my faves from above are the sunset ones.


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