for the love of phoenix (day 33)

I love Phoenix....

Day 33 - A picture of the house you grew up in.

this gives you an idea just how in the country we were :)


  1. How beautiful :) I loveeee the country!!! Makes me miss my old home in North carolina jeje

    what an awesome band and song too!!!

  2. YES! Phoenix is in my top 5. They're amazing live too.


  3. Love the Google Earth photos of your house! Great idea to share. :) Phoenix sounds pretty good, I bet Jordan would like them!

  4. What a great photo of your home! Probably not the kind of photo most people would share ~ I love it!! :)You are a true country girl... how did you end up in the city? ;)

  5. Veronica Grace... It makes me miss the country too!!

    Melissa... I'm so jealous! I would love love love to see them live!

    Taylor Lynn... Thanks! I didn't have any actual photos but luckily Google did... lol!

    Renee... I know, kinda crazy that you can see them from the picture, huh?! I miss them :(

    Melinda... Thanks! I kind of am a country girl, which I fought for years! lol... oh the rebellion of my younger years :) I'm sure I'll make my way back someday... but for now I'll settle for my love/hate relationship with the city (and the 100+ degree days... blah!)

  6. That's awesome, although a little disturbing that no matter how far out in the country you live, anybody can see it from some secret invisible place from above. lol You may go back to being a country girl someday. It's hard to get that out of your system forever, although I tried from the time I was 18 to about 29.


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