sunday morning

Finally... Sunday is here. My favorite day of the week. No expectations, no to-dos. Just 24 hours wrapped up in a pretty package and given to me to do with what I please.

Frankie loves Sundays, too.

Yesterday was busy, but I managed to get a slight tan (gotta love being able to sit outside in a swimming suit in April!) while filling up over a hundred water balloons. I also finished my essay about the Art in Public Places Program in Oklahoma, but I found out that earlier this week the bill to discontinue this program had been passed. I don't understand how some people cannot appreciate or see value in the arts. I guess private funding might be better in the long run anyhow because my disapproval for the government and how it operates is growing more and more with each passing day. That's a whole other post in itself.... Anyway...

I was just browsing poets.org (thanks Diana for recommending... she posted a pretty poem on her blog yesterday, too!) and I came across a lovely page full of ways to celebrate National Poetry Month... my favorite being Poem In Your Pocket Day, which is April 14th.

Simply print or write your favorite poem and carry it in your pocket so that you can share it with family, friends, and co-workers. I love this simple little idea and I'm searching for the perfect poem to put in my pocket :)

But for now, here's a perfect poem for today.....

A Muse  
by Reginald Shepherd

He winds through the party like wind, one of the just 
who live alone in black and white, bewildered

by the eden of his body. (You, you talk like winter 
rain.) He's the meaning of almost-morning walking home 

at five A.M., the difference a night makes 
turning over into day, simple birds staking claims 

on no sleep. Whatever they call those particular birds. 
He's the age of sensibility at seventeen, he isn't worth

the time of afternoon it takes to write this down. 
He's the friend that lightning makes, raking 

the naked tree, thunder that waits for weeks to arrive; 
he's the certainty of torrents in September, harvest time 

and powerlines down for miles. He doesn't even know 
his name. In his body he's one with air, white as a sky

rinsed with rain. It's cold there, it's hard to breathe, 
and drowning is somewhere to be after a month of drought. 


  1. Yay, a tan!!! I was out kayaking in the sun yesterday afternoon, but unfortunately I didn't really get any color... wah! Oh well. I've got all summer for that, I guess!

    That poem in your pocket idea is pretty cool... I don't know what poem I'd put in my pocket, though. Agh! Dilemma!

    Have a great day!

    Taylor Lynn <3

  2. FUNNNNN :) Tanning is one of my addictions jajaja... I love that idea too, I'm definitely going to find a poem <3

    I almost feel like going to go have a water ballon fight jeje <3

  3. Isn't it wonderful to be out in the sun again? I may not be in a bathing suit yet, but I'm just grateful not to have to wear a heavy jacket, hat, scarf, gloves, boots.... everytime I leave the house! :)

  4. Ahhh, tans :) I plan to get one by May... buuut... I think I over did it yesterday. I ended up with a slight sunburn ;)
    Great idea! Have fun with that :)


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