monday morning motivation

It's no secret that Monday mornings are my absolute least favorite part of the week. I've been trying unsuccessfully to get over it for years. I've decided to start doing a weekly post on Mondays to help me break this bad monday-hating habit filled with positive, motivating quotes and pictures... because I'm sure everyone could use a little pick me up to start the week off right!

This morning I found myself back on From Up North browsing their typography (yes, I'm completely addicted!) and I came across a 365 project that I love.  Julian is posting a photo every day of the year with a great quote/phrase on it.... love it! I found a few to share with you that I think you'll enjoy!

All three photos are from Julian's website http://365q.ca/.

Now for a poem.... this is one that I wrote a loooong time ago... so long ago that I don't even remember writing it! enjoy :)

like a map with a new key
navigating uncharted territory
discovering the world isn't round
or flat.
but a geometric replica of your
eyes as they catch
the sunlight
and reflect mine.
while the tips of your fingers
trace the roads we will
adventures we will have
as we share a laugh
discovering the world is unpredictable
and rewards patience
navigating your eyes
like they are the brightest stars
in my sky.
like a girl with a new smile.

Now off to get ready to volunteer at the plaza district and then try to come up with a topic to write an 8 page research paper.... I have to write about a cultural or ethnic issue and I'm totally completely clueless. I don't like any of the examples my professor gave but I can't come up with anything... any suggestions?

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful fantastic extraordinary monday! [think positive!]


  1. I hate mondays myself jejeje :( But i hope you have a fabulous one <3 Also the poem is soo lovely! your so creative.... :)

  2. Mondays are ok, the motivation I get is that its a new week, got lots to do!
    And after the weekend, I have to admit it, I am a bit recharged and ready to tackle the tasks and chores :)
    Mondays, Mark goes to work, Marty goes to school, and most of the time I am lucky to have the house to myself for 8!
    So off to do chores, one of them is the grocery store, cannot say I love that! BUT I want to have a nice dinner so off I go :)
    Hope your Monday is great and productive as well. I am sorry I cannot give you any thought on an essay paper. My school days are long over, and after the year of online classes, as much as I'd like to learn that one was tough, and something that I know I will, never do again, even though they say: never say never :)

  3. I don't mind Mondays, now that we're having "Spring Break" in the Copeland’s Academy of Creativity! ;D
    Haha, anyhoo, the pictures are great!! And the poems is great, as usual!! :)

  4. I'm one of those really annoying people that loves Mondays... and Tuesdays and Wednesdays! I wake up each morning and I never know what amazing things the day will present me with. It's like a gift I get each day, the Universe saying "open slowly and savor". Sorry if I made you roll your eyes! ;)

  5. Love the photos, and the poem is great! I especially love that first photo- "Wake Up". The colors are fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing, and I hope your Monday went well!

    Taylor Lynn <3

  6. Great post and awesome poem! I like that idea about posting a picture every day too.

    As far as your research paper, there's been news lately about the cultural differences between Japan and Americans in terms of how each have responded to catastrophes. You know, like the Katrina fiasco (looting, murder) vs. the tsunami (helping each other, selflessness). Just an idea, good luck!


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