ode to Sylvia

First of all I'd like to thank everyone for all the positive comments on my poems yesterday! I've never really shared anything I've written so it was very encouraging.... I found myself coming up with new beautiful ways to arrange words in my head all day yesterday. I think National Poetry Month may shed some light on part of my creativity that has been getting collecting dust somewhere in a dark corner of my mind!
Also thanks for all the good luck wishes on my math exam.... It ended up being open book so we could use the tables, we're studying compound interest and annuities, but I memorized all the formulas already. I was the first one in class to finish, much to some of their dismay. So not only do I think I did really well (I'll find out tomorrow!) I got out of class almost an hour early :)

On to more poetry.... Today I've selected 2 poems by Sylvia Plath from a book I've owned for years, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath. I fell in love with her when I read
The Bell Jar in high school.

The mindless April leaves heave sighs
And twirl in aimless sarabandes.
My fingers curl and clutch the skies;
Green blood flows in green-veined hands.


Gold leaves shiver
In this crack of time;
Yellow flickers
In the shrill clear sun;
Light pirouettes
In ballet dress,
While blue above
Leaps the sheer sky.

Gold leaves dangle
In the wine.
Gold threads snap.

In giddy whirls
And sweeps of fancy
Sunlit leaves plane down.
Lisping along the street
In dry and deathless dance
The leaves on slipshod feet
Gold leaves twirl,

Brief gold glitters
In the gutters;
Flares and flashes,
Husky rushes.
Brisk wind hushes

And in that moment,
Silent, cold,
Across the lawn,
Dull pools of gold.


  1. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Your suo amazing at picking awesome poems jejeje i loved reading these :) Thank you so much for sharing this <3b

  2. Those poems are AMAZING. I love them! What great choices, Sara!

    I think I'll have to do something for National Poetry Month on my blog... and I'm getting an idea...!

  3. These are beautiful! I love this line from the first one: "Green blood flows in green-veined hands." So intense!


  4. Very beautiful poem. It's always nice to read your blog right before bedtime. ♥

    - Grace


  5. I love that first one, and even got to learn a new word today ~ sarabands! :) Isn't it amazing the feelings that simple words can evoke? Thanks for sharing more of your favorites!

  6. Lovely :) I love them both! *hugs*


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