A little bit of inspiration

"The contemplation of beauty causes the soul to grow wings."
- Plato
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Manifesto for Women in Business

I came across this article this morning on Etsy. It's amazing and I feel like I should tattoo it somewhere as a constant reminder of the simple yet important things to keep in mind and live by. Enjoy!


as my wonderful weekend comes to an end....

Overall I would say that this weekend was pretty successful.

Saturday morning I went to The Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar with Diana. I bought some great handmade gifts and was inspired to apply to be part of the show next year! I got to see a lot of my fellow Disciple of Etsy team members booths, which was pretty exciting.
Then we finished our Elf shopping for Ally's House and Toys for Tots. We stopped by The Runner and got fitted for shoes for our half marathon. I went with a pair of New Balance (practical yet extremely cute (and pink!!!)) and fell in love with them when I took them for a run this morning. I loved them so much I didn't even quite mind that I was running in 30 degree weather with a big wind chill... yuck. I also moved on to level 2 of the Jillian's 30 day shred this morning. Followed by a nice hour massage with my super cute preggo massage therapist at Massage Envy.
I finished a custom order painting today! I'm also pretty close to finishing my 24 x 24 pink floyd painting and I started another sugar skull for Diana.
Now that I've iced my shin, it's time to crawl into bed with a heating pad on my back... all this working out and running is tough, but it's amazing how (aside from a few aches and pains) great I feel!
Now if only I could feel great about another week of work.......


Rx: Glee

I spent 5 hours in the chair at my dentist office this afternoon. Luckily the dental assistants are friendly and my dentist is extremely good at his job. So after 3 fillings and a root canal I make my way home. I pull into my garage and hear a hissing noise. I follow the noise and find out it's coming from my front passenger side tire. I literally watched my tire go flat in less than a minute.
The cure? The Glee christmas episode.


If I could jump up and down while typing I would...

Because I made my very first sale on Etsy today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I sold my beloved red Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here fish bowl painting to a girl in Brooklyn. She has no idea that she made my day.
I was practicing being domestic (which I really really suck at) by sorting the laundry by colors, whites and darks in my bedroom while listening to Amy Winehouse sing Valery when I noticed a little green blinking light on my cell phone. New email! So I checked it. Etsy transaction... wait there must be a mistake, because I knew I had not ordered anything. So I read it again... someone had ordered from me!!!!! I hopped like a bunny or a little kid who drank too much mountain dew down the hall to tell Jeremy then called my mom to tell her... actually to squeal the news to her. Because not only was I hopping, I was squealing, too. I tend to do that when I get really really excited!
I'm getting ready to try to wrap it in pink bubble wrap and then box it up to ship it off tomorrow. I may hop right into the post office.
So long painting... I truly loved having you on my wall but I know you'll be appreciated in your new home.


what's with today, today?

I actually feel like I have accomplished a lot today. I woke up early, went to the farmers market, Academy, and walmart. So I now have weeks supply of squash, oranges, grapes, eggs, sweet potatoes and bananas. I also have toilet paper and candy cane hersheys kisses. But perhaps the most important purchase of the day was running apparel.
Thanks to the clearance rack at Academy I now own a pair of spandex shorts, a pair of spandex capris, 2 short sleeved running shirts and 1 long sleeved running shirt. Call me crazy but I really think that the clothes make a huge difference.
For example, I just did my 15th Jillian Michaels workout and I'm pretty sure that I jumped a little higher over that pretend jump rope. I also completed the work out then went outside and jogged up and down my dead end road. In my spandex shorts. In 40 degree weather. Now would be the time to call me crazy.
I've been reading The Non-Runners Guide to Marathons for Women by Dawn Dias... which I highly recommend. It's highly entertaining but at the same time full of good advice. She also thinks that the clothes make a big difference.
oh, I also accomplished my good deed for the say. My Donate, Dine and Wine group has decided to be 'elves' and buy presents for 2 teenage boys living with cancer in Oklahoma. One would like gift cards for Borders or Barnes & Noble and the other wanted a blue, yellow or red North Face hoodie pullover. I found the hoodie online and ordered it today so hopefully it will be here sometime this coming week. If only we got to deliver it in person so we could meet them! I hope he loves it.
As far as my etsy store is going, I'm pretty pleased. I haven't sold anything yet, but I'm not really a good saleswoman. But I'm making some good connections and finding some amazing handmade gifts along the way. Two of my paintings have been featured in treasuries! My red Pink Floyd painting has been featured in 4 treasuries... which I am incredibly proud of. I've been working on some ornaments, although it's probably too late to post them. But I could still give them as gifts.
So, all in all it's been a pretty successful day. The tree is decorated, the chili is cooking and in 2 hours OU will play Nebraska for the very last time for the Big 12 Championship.
Go OU!!!!