If I could jump up and down while typing I would...

Because I made my very first sale on Etsy today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I sold my beloved red Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here fish bowl painting to a girl in Brooklyn. She has no idea that she made my day.
I was practicing being domestic (which I really really suck at) by sorting the laundry by colors, whites and darks in my bedroom while listening to Amy Winehouse sing Valery when I noticed a little green blinking light on my cell phone. New email! So I checked it. Etsy transaction... wait there must be a mistake, because I knew I had not ordered anything. So I read it again... someone had ordered from me!!!!! I hopped like a bunny or a little kid who drank too much mountain dew down the hall to tell Jeremy then called my mom to tell her... actually to squeal the news to her. Because not only was I hopping, I was squealing, too. I tend to do that when I get really really excited!
I'm getting ready to try to wrap it in pink bubble wrap and then box it up to ship it off tomorrow. I may hop right into the post office.
So long painting... I truly loved having you on my wall but I know you'll be appreciated in your new home.

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