as my wonderful weekend comes to an end....

Overall I would say that this weekend was pretty successful.

Saturday morning I went to The Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar with Diana. I bought some great handmade gifts and was inspired to apply to be part of the show next year! I got to see a lot of my fellow Disciple of Etsy team members booths, which was pretty exciting.
Then we finished our Elf shopping for Ally's House and Toys for Tots. We stopped by The Runner and got fitted for shoes for our half marathon. I went with a pair of New Balance (practical yet extremely cute (and pink!!!)) and fell in love with them when I took them for a run this morning. I loved them so much I didn't even quite mind that I was running in 30 degree weather with a big wind chill... yuck. I also moved on to level 2 of the Jillian's 30 day shred this morning. Followed by a nice hour massage with my super cute preggo massage therapist at Massage Envy.
I finished a custom order painting today! I'm also pretty close to finishing my 24 x 24 pink floyd painting and I started another sugar skull for Diana.
Now that I've iced my shin, it's time to crawl into bed with a heating pad on my back... all this working out and running is tough, but it's amazing how (aside from a few aches and pains) great I feel!
Now if only I could feel great about another week of work.......

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