I discovered a new song today. I have a bad, but unavoidable, habit of overplaying songs... like a teenage girl replaying a conversation had with a crush trying to decode secret hidden meanings in empty words and promises. but way way better for lots of reasons. because although not having any responsibilities would be amazing, I am basking in the knowledge and wisdom and self assurance that comes with being in my (gulp) late twenties. because I get to listen to these lyrics that float like waves into my ears and swim down to the very depths of my soul and change my perception. because I get to close my eyes and take a deep breath, relaxing my body and allowing my sense of hearing take over... abandoning everything around me. every care, every worry, every dish in the sink, every message to return, every line on my to-do list that doesn't have a check mark next to it.

Thank you Hedley for a new music crush...
So why don't you meet me, down behind the old school
We'll waste away the weekend, with perfect regard for how
cavalier we used to be, that beautiful insanity
The apathy's surrounding me
Don't close your eyes or we'll fade away

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