pieces of the past

Have you ever unexpectedly discovered something you wrote a long time ago and had completely forgotten about... but then you read it and it's like stepping into a time machine that takes you back to the exact moment you wrote it...
I wrote this long ago in the middle of winter while parked in a Fleet Farm parking lot overcome with emotion, I had to pull over because the smile on my face was so big that I couldn't see...

like a map with a new key
navigating uncharted territory
discovering the world isn't round
or flat
but a geometric replica of your
eyes as the catch
the sunlight
and reflect mine
while the topes of your fingers
trace roads we will
adventures we will have
as we share a laugh
discovering the world is unpredictable
and rewards patience
navigating your eyes like they are
the brightest stars in my sky
like a girl with a
new smile

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