a song on sunday (day 47)

I fell in love with Dia Frampton's voice while watching The Voice... she has so many great covers on you tube and but this one from the show is one of my favorites :) Isn't her voice beautiful?

Day 47 - A picture of your favorite place to shop

I <3 handmade and supporting other creative souls who make beautiful items makes me happy :)


  1. She does have a nice voice. I saw Christina Aguilera on that movie Burlesque the other night. Her acting isn't the best, but her voice is phenomenal.

  2. Etsy is definitely an AWESOME place to shop! :D

    And Dia's voice IS great! LOL Her face looks kind of like Katy Perry's. :)

  3. Yes!! Etsy is definitely my most favorite place to shop! Dangerous though... you could get lost there for hours and hours... ;)


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