monday morning motivation (day 55)

it's that day again. monday, monday.

in need of a little inspiration to get you through the day? me, too. I came across this via Stumble Upon and just had to share it :)

 This is week 6 of 8 for my classes and I'm busy but I'm looking for ward to August. Not only am I  excited about 3 whole weeks of no homework (before I start again on the 23rd), it's my birthday month! Not that I'm exactly excited about embarking on my last year in my 20's, because it gives me anxiety, but with age comes wisdom... right? Let's hope :) 

Hope you all enjoy the start of what is sure to be a wonderful week!

Day 55 - A picture of the last movie you saw in theaters.


  1. I love the positive spin on Monday! And yay for 3 weeks so homework and your birthday month! Don't stress about your last year in your 20s... Your 30s are divine! At least mine are so far. :)


  2. Yay, I'm an August girl too! :D Birthdays are such fun. :) Don't worry, age is only a number, right? We've just got different views of those numbers... in my case I'm looking forward to reaching a higher number, and you want to stay at a lower one. ;) LOL

  3. Did you like Car 2? Brandon wants to go see it.

  4. That's cute! But I still don't like mondays. lol

  5. I needed some Monday motivation today. Gotta catch up 3 blogs, do some paperwork for a new job, write drafts of newsletters for violin and orchestra students. . . it goes on.

    I heard Cars 2 was really fun. I hope you liked it.

    Good luck with your classes, and have a great week!

  6. Awee what an awesome note about monday jejeje ive never heard that but it definitely makes it better jeje!

    Ive heard so many good things about cars two :) I cant wait to watch it jeje <3

  7. I've found my life gets better and richer and more peaceful and more joyful (need I go on?) as I get older!! It'll definitely include more wisdom if that is your intention! I think you're well on your way already! Yay for three weeks off!!! :)

  8. Melissa... thanks for the reassurance, I will keep reminding myself that 30 = divine (and I love that word!) :)

    Taylor Lynn... lol, I always wanted to be older when I was younger, too... I'm not sure at what point I wanted to get younger, but I think it was around 25! Happy almost birthday month to us :)

    Kelli... I did like Cars 2, but I think I liked the first one better... although seeing it in 3D was pretty cool :)

    Renee... I don't like them either, I'm just hoping if I stay persistently positive that will change some day!

    Heather... and I thought my monday was busy! I hope that you had a lovely (and productive) day! I'm looking forward to catching up on your blogs :)

    Veronica Grace... It does help a little, doesn't it? You'll have to let me know what you think when you see it!

    Melinda... That is definitely my intention so I know I should be looking forward to 'growing up'... but sometimes it was so fun being young and blissfully unaware lol

  9. Definitely! Happy Unbirthday, too, by the way. Just for the heck of it. ;)

  10. Really nice blog youve got. enjoyed reading it. keep in touch okay.

    following u now.

    silvia @ www.poisepolish.com

  11. Aww, poor baby, almost the ancient 30 (NOT!) Wait til you turn fifty, then I'll commisserate! Is it as hot there as it is here? 107 yesterday!


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