You are more 3D than these city streets (day 18)

I had the pleasure of hearing an amazing, talented performance poetess last weekend at the Paseo Arts Festival. Her name is Lauren Zuniga and as soon as she started speaking, she had my full attention. Her words are so powerful and beautifully arranged... she is a total inspiration and I wanted to share her website and a video of one of her poems... 

If you do just one thing today.... or tomorrow... let it be watching one of these poems or reading a poem from her website. I promise that you will feel her words deep within your soul. I highly recommend Love Poem for Self and A Benediction for Hustlers and Gardeners.

you can read (and be moved by) all her poems at www.laurenzuniga.com 


Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity

 Oh this one was fun... biggest security. Which one? How do I decide, how do I rank them, how do I pick just one as being the biggest. I have many, although I think I have less that I used to. 
The one I decided on is one that I have to deal with every single day. 

My freaking blond eyebrows and blond eyelashes. 

I basically have to wear mascara and pencil my eyebrows in every single day, unless if I'm not leaving the house, because if I don't, you can't see them. Imagine yourself without eyebrows... it's weird and makes me look like my forehead is never ending. I would like to get them tattooed on some day, but I'm nervous and want to find someone who is going to do a perfect job. So until then, I recommend buying stock in Maybelline.


  1. Isn't it so fantastic when someone can capture your attention like that? And with poetry, too - poetry is awesome!

    Oh, and LOL, I love that photo of your insecurity. ;D

  2. She is mesmerizing... thanks for sharing! :) Lol ~ I love the description of your eyebrows and eyelashes, you can inject humor into anything! :) Well, I think you're gorgeous, eyebrows or not! ;)

  3. Beautiful poetry! Eyebrows or no eyebrows, you're a beauty! My daughter has to do her eyebrows every day, too although they aren't completely blond. That's really brave of you to put a photo up of your biggest insecurity, though! I don't know if I could do it!


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