saturday randomness (day 39)

Is it already Saturday? again?! 

I guess time flies when you're having fun... if you considering doing homework, going to work and sleeping fun!  I feel like that's all I've been doing so I'm hoping to finish my homework this morning (which is a quiz on MLK Jr's Letter from a Birmingham Jail) and then hopefully get around to some real fun! But tomorrow will be the start of my 4th week of summer semester.... so close to being halfway done!

This weekend is OKC's Pride Festival and there's a parade and live music... I'm all about equality so I figured I'd go show support for the LGBT community. I've never been before but I'm pretty excited about it!

I'm also going to some thrift stores in search for a desk. For a while, I've wanted a desk. Now, I need a desk. My bf bought an xbox 360 with kinect. Typically, all the video games stayed in the kids room. But this time, its in the living room hooked up to the big screen tv and surround sound. Needless to say, it's damn near impossible to get any homework accomplished while sitting in the dining room (which doubles as my office/study space), which is connected to the living room. I wasn't planning on redoing the messy spare room until after summer semester, but it looks like I have a new project that can't wait. I have a vision... probably overly extravagant and more craft room than office, but a girl can dream right?!



I also stumbled upon this photo of my dream library... someday when I grow up I'd like to live in this library :)

Day 39 - A picture of your favorite movie


  1. Those are great inspiration photos for an office! I love visualizing craft spaces, hehe. Mine always gets super messy, with piles of yarn balls everywhere! I hope you have a great weekend and good luck organizing your office!

    -Katie, www.hazelandmare.com

  2. Okay, first of all, I <3 that library. Do you mind if I visit you? Or just plain move in with you? ;)

    I hope you have a good time at the Pride Festival, as well as with redoing the spare room! Be sure and share pics with us. :)

  3. Yayy Saturday!! The beginning of relaxing time :) I really wish the sun was out... ;)

    Uggg... homework :P I hope you get done with it soon!! <3 Good luck ;)

    Have fun at the OKC's Pride Festival!! You're going to post pictures, right?? Live music? Awesome!! Anybody you (or I) know? :)

    Have fun looking for a desk!! I know you’ll find one soon that's perfect :) *Siiggghhh...* boys and their videogames, right? :P Lol

    Wow- can you even imagine a library that big!?!? How is it possible to find any books!? Ohmygosh- I'd be overwhelmed xD

    You know what's sad? I've never seen any of those movies... lol. We're going to watch "50 First Dates" soon, though :) Have you seen it? I've heard it's funny!!


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  5. I stumbled on the picture of that library too! Go figure... ;) Maybe we can have a spiral staircase in our bookstore!!

    I am extremely sad that you are going to the Thrift Stores and the Pride Festival without Cleo and I...we tried to make it but she couldn't decide what to pack or wear...typical Diva behavior. Have fun!! Post pics.

  6. Labyrinth is my favorite movie of all time!

  7. I am so with you on needing a space like in those photos. Goodness, that would be splendid. And I have always wanted a library. One with a ladder that slides around. Really, truth be told, I want the real life version of the library in Disney's Beauty and the Beast (nerd alert!). Also, have you ever seen bookshelf chairs? (http://theofficestylist.com/the-bookshelf-chair) I'm not sure if it would really make sense in many spaces but it sure is exciting.

    Have a lovely weekend! <3

  8. Holy cow!! Halfway through already? How did that happen??? I love that craft room, you should definitely create it! You'd never want to leave it, your boyfriend could take over the house with his video games and you'd never even care! ;) Jordan announced to us today after reading the Yahoo! news that New York will now 'allow' gay marriages! We were all encouraged and happy about that, it's about stinkin' time we celebrated love in any form! Have fun at the parade! :)

  9. I need a library like that, too!

  10. Cool! You're almost half done! It'll be exciting having your spare room as your creating room, you'll love it! Labrynth has been one of my fave movies for like 25 years or something! Have fun at the pride parade, we have one every year here, too. They're a hoot!


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