monday morning motivation (day 41)

a little motivation to start the week off right...

I came across this article on wholeliving.com's blog and just knew that I needed to share it. It was written by Sister Karol Jackowski. Her words have left me looking forward to this week and setting aside a 'Sara Day'. The images are from the fabulous From Up North.

Spontaneity is a matter of letting our intuition lead us, and I suspect for many, that doesn’t happen very often, if ever. Between consuming jobs, daily family responsibilities, and endless lists of things to do, we tend to live in a state of perpetual hurry and non-stop activity. Without realizing, we often leave little or no time for ourselves. No wonder we make ourselves feel sick, tired, and like hell. We can only find happiness and bliss once we have created those things within ourselves. If you’re feeling like you need an escape now, here are three ways to cultivate a sense of freedom from the inside out.

Give Yourself “Anything Can Happen” Days

Pick a day, or several days, and plan absolutely nothing. No plans allowed.  Don’t fill the day with to-do lists, jobs you’ve put off, or things you dread.  Set yourself free. Leave the whole day blank to be filled in spontaneously by you and your heart’s desire.  Give yourself the gift of time, during which anything can happen, and chances are you’ll end up in Paradise.

Do What You Want

On “Do What You Want” days you are called to act according to feelings, impulses, or tendencies without any constraint, effort, or premeditation. Float through the day, drifting toward what you want to do and away from what you don’t. Acting consistently according to what you want and being true to yourself are two big tickets to Paradise, always reserved in your name, waiting to be picked up.

Welcome the Unexpected

When you begin to let anything happen, the unexpected becomes divine intervention. Angels are known to appear in unexpected places. I begin writing, painting, reading, and bird watching much more often. I spend what my friends call “Karol Jackowski Days” in bed reading, writing, and watching favorite movies.  Only when we plan to do nothing at all, can the unexpected lead us to the Paradise of doing what we love. So, if you feel like hell right now, choose to live in pure joy. Make spontaneity your newest best friend.

Until next week, think about this:  Hell is your life drying up.- James Campbell

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  1. Great article. I need adventure days! I was telling my boyfriend that the other day, "we need to just go somewhere!"

  2. I soooooooooooo need a vacation - Amazing post!

  3. So this was written on June 26, but this is July 4. Good gawd, am I a week behind in some weird time warp?

    Anyway, this was an awesome post! Very inspirational and the photos are beautiful!

  4. I've always thought it'd be fun to just be spontaneous. Unfortunately, my family can't do many big spontaneous things because we have so many pets to take care of... but someday when I'm old enough I think I'll just hop in the car and drive somewhere. Spontaneously. ;)

    (PS Don't worry, Laurie, I'm in the same situation because of camp! ;)

  5. You know what? I don't reserve just a day for this kind of living anymore, I try and remember to let my feelings determine the course of everyday. For some weird reason, everything always ends up getting done...? Maybe because once your life becomes infused with joy, even the mundane tasks bring pleasure! :) Great post, and love the cat photo! :)


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