inspiration in the form of street art

I had a few spare moments last night while trying to talk myself into finishing my english assignment, so I clicked Stumble! on my toolbar.

I came across a collection of 106 photos of amazing street art. I chose a few favorites to post, but you can go here and see the rest of them... I dare you to look and NOT be inspired. Maybe I'll go paint something on the side of my house now.... :)


  1. How awesome! No, cross that out... how amazing! You should totally paint the side of your house... and then you should come do mine! ;)

  2. These are AMAZING!!! I have no idea how people can do such AWESOME art!!! That staircase on the wall is so cool... optical illusions... I can barely see how it was made! Don't you wish you had one of these on your street?? Haha <3
    Yes, Sara, you should really paint a picture on the side of your house- lol that would be cool ;)



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