hello Bali (day 7)

What a three day weekend! I feel like I really got a lot accomplished but also took some much needed 'sara time'.

Friday night was pretty low key and my bf went out after the kids went to bed so I drank a glass of wine, painted, and watched Stone (because I'm obsessed with Edward Norton).

Saturday morning was time to do a deep clean of the house then a trip to super target... followed up with dinner, a few beers, and the Thunder vs Mavericks game (which I had high hopes for, but we lost... I still <3 James Harden though!)

Sunday (my faaaaavorite day of the week) was spent mostly in the kitchen, which for me is highly unusual! I started reading about dog foods... and decided to try to make my own. I used a pound of lean ground turkey meat, a 16 oz package of carrots (the pureed them), and a mixture of brown rice and lentils. I boiled the rice/lentils and meat in 6 cups of water, then added the carrots and then simmered for about 20 minutes. I swear the puppies knew I was cooking for them because they were all in the kitchen staring at me the whole time! I mixed the homemade food in with a little bit of their regular dry dog food and let it soak a little.... they LOVED it!

While reading about homemade dog food I also learned something new... you can rinse out, dry, then bake eggshells and grind them up to sprinkle on your dogs food for calcium! I had no clue... all this time I've been crunching them up and putting them at the base of my rose bushes... now the rose bushes have to share with the puppies! I have a pretty glass jar next to the stove reserved for egg shells :)

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item

almost a year ago, I was browsing the shelves of half price books. Since reading  Eat Pray Love, I have dreamed of traveling to Bali. I wandered over to the travel section, as I often do, and ran my fingers along the spines of all the books filled with pictures of places I longed to see. I came to the Indonesia section and paused. There were two books... I picked one and flipped through it. As I flipped through the pages, I noticed something stuck between the pages...

I couldn't not believe my eyes or my luck! This business card has been in Bali and when I go to Bali (when, not if) I will stay here and get another business card to leave in my Indonesia book when I sell it back to Half Price Books. I carry it in my wallet and take it out from time to time to remind me of my dreams....


  1. Mom used to make dog food... she used to get us to help. She'd make so much at a time for our four dogs that we'd have to mix it in a big bin, with our hands! Chicken, rice, hard boiled eggs, veggies - all of it went in. Now we've only got one dog, so Mom adds veggies and raw egg to his regular food and he loves it. :) Good luck with the dog food making!

    And that is so cool about the business card! Sounds like a plan. Have a good trip WHEN you go to Bali! :)

  2. how awesome! I didnt know you could make dog food :) Im going to have to try that sometime <3

    HOW FUN :) Bali sounds like fun..

  3. If only cooking meals for myself was as much fun as dog food and I could make it once a week :)

    Don't worry, WHEN I go to Bali (hopefully soon!) I will take a million and five pictures and blog about it for weeks afterwards :)

  4. Wow, that's so cool about finding the business card. It's a sign!! No wonder it's your most treasured item!

    Hope you weathered the storms over the past couple of days. We got hammered with loads of rain, but nothing like Joplin...so sad.

  5. I made dog food (for 4 dogs!) for about a year and a half. This was after my own personal food revolution, and seeing what garbage they sneak into our food and pass off as nutrition. Once I felt I was headed in the right direction I started looking into dog foods and realized they were just as toxic. I 'detoxed' my dogs for awhile and now Willie is on an organic dog food, one I feel great about feeding him and he loves. :)

    I love the business card. I wonder how long before we see pictures of Bali on your blog...? Probably not long! :) Glad you had some 'Sara time', we all need that. :)


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