thank you thursday

Oh so much to be thankful for this week...

I'm thankful for....
  • music (specifically Ours by the Bravery because I'm obsessed... I'm listening to it right now)
  • kale (my new favorite snack)
  • the hr dept at school for hiring me as an assistant!
  • Miranda for making the trip to see me next week :)
  • living though all the stupid crap I did as a teenager (ok, ok... and as a twenty something) it really is amazing that I am alive to write this today.
  • Melinda, for writing the sweetest note after receiving my painting 
  • kleenex, for being there for  me after reading the note Melinda sent me
  • paint, if not for liquid colors to put on something I would be lost
  • animals. I'm so thankful I haven't eaten them in over a month!
  • the opportunity to paint in front of people on the 27th. even though I'm extremely nervous.
  • poetry.

Hearthside by Dorothy Parker
  Half across the world from me
Lie the lands I'll never see-
I, whose longing lives and dies
Where a ship has sailed away;
I, that never close my eyes
But to look upon Cathay.

Things I may not know nor tell
Wait, where older waters swell;
Ways that flowered at Sappho's tread,
Winds that sighed in Homer's strings,
Vibrant with the singing dead,
Golden with the dust of wings.

Under deeper skies than mine,
Quiet valleys dip and shine.
Where their tender grasses heal
Ancient scars of trench and tomb
I shall never walk: nor kneel
Where the bones of poets bloom.

If I seek a lovelier part,
Where I travel goes my heart;
Where I stray my thought must go;
With me wanders my desire.
Best to sit and watch the snow,
Turn the lock, and poke the fire.


  1. Congratulations, you've got a lot of fabulous stuff to be thankful for! YAY for things to be thankful for! <3

  2. Aww this was so awesome :) Its so refreshing to see you so thankful evewigth some of the things i may take for granted every day!! Thank you!!!!!

  3. very nice list! i love reading what other people are thankful for. it reminds me of things that i am thankful for although i have not consciously thought of them recently.

  4. Lol ~ I love this list, what a great idea. :) I'm thankful for my new blogger pal, Sara.
    I'm thankful for the gorgeous painting now hanging in my workshop.
    I'm thankful the sun was shining today and
    I'm thankful to be alive on this fabulous journey. :) Gratitude has such amazing power. Thanks Sara. :)

  5. Aww, love this! And I am thankful for kale too! I have a shirt that says "Eat More Kale." :)


  6. I would like to add another thing I'm thankful for... which is all of you taking time to read my ramblings :)
    Gratitude does have amazing power (so does kale!) and helps me put things in perspective.
    Thank you all!


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