ah Sunday morning. My favorite time of the week.

The world outside my window was very adamant about my waking up early. I love the first few weeks of spring because it's the only time in Oklahoma when we don't need the heat or a/c and I can leave the windows open. Which reminds me of my childhood, growing up in the countryside of Wisconsin, miles away from the nearest town, where it never got hot enough to need an air conditioner for our large two-story farmhouse. I slept each night with the windows wide open, listening to the frogs croaking, the wind rustling through the branches, the peaceful subdued sounds of night.


 Oklahoma City, however, is a different story. I was jolted out of sleep not once but twice this morning. The first, by a car alarm down the street, the second, by the piercing sounds of a passing ambulance siren. I woke so suddenly that I can't recall what I was dreaming of, and that it my favorite part of waking up... I lay in bed with my eyes closed and try to replay my dreams, lingering on the thin line between my dream world and reality.

So here I am, wide awake, miraculously considering I haven't had any coffee yet. The alarms and sirens have been replaced by the sweet song of the birds and playful growls of Frankie and Zoe, as they argue over a stuffed scooby doo toy.

Sundays are always full of possibilities for me because I generally don't make plans for them so that I have the freedom of doing whatever it is that I choose to do. Which isn't easy sometimes. I'm so full of I-need-tos, I-have-tos, I-shoulds that I usually don't even bother to ask myself what I really want to do. Slowly but surely I'm getting better at pushing everything else aside and doing what I actually want to do without feeling guilty about it. Yesterday, after babysitting the adorable handsome Mr. Jackson and then going out for lunch with his parents, I painted our kitchen cabinets. So today I want to put the new hinges and handles on them so they can go back on the cabinets. I also want to work on my birdhouses some more. Tonight I want to try to finish The Girl From Ames so I can move onto the next in my large stack of new, patiently waiting to be read books. Oh, and I also want world peace. (which I won't get today but soon... on my left wrist in pretty blue ink!)


  1. That first photograph is absolutely GORGEOUS! I LOVE it! It sounds like you've had and are in for a relaxing day... well, except for the car alarm and ambulance siren. ;)

  2. Wow, I wish it felt like spring over here in NJ. Unfortunately, we've been having either dreary cold or freezing sunny weather.

    Anyhow, Hope this coming week is good to you. And that you're able to stay focused. :)


    P.S. Thanks for following my blog. I'm now following you too.


  3. I adore sleeping with the windows open, soon, very soon. We don't have sirens or car alarms, but screaming foxes and howling coyotes can wake a girl from deep sleep too! ;) Sundays are my favorites also, they're 'my' day to do whatever it is that strikes me. I think everyone should have a 'Sunday'. :)


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