Poem in my pocket, song in my head

Today is National Poem in Your Pocket Day! Are you participating?

I am and I think I've found the perfect poem......


I loved Shel Silverstein's poems when I was growing up.... they're timeless and easy to understand. I wish I could print this lovely picture out to place in my pocket but I don't have a printer so I'll have to write it out by hand! It's short enough that I think I may write a few extras and leave them the places I go today to share this lovely poem with more people :)

So last night I went to The Wine Gallery wine tasting! It was really fun and it made me excited to paint at the next tasting on the 27th! I say this now, but I'm sure the anxiety of people watching me paint will soon sink in...

Today is a really busy day for me... I have to finish my math (investments, dividends of common and preferred stock... it's like trying to read Japanese to me!), finish my Photoshop (vector drawings... yay!), then go to math, leave math early to go to an interview, then go to Photoshop. Busy, busy, busy!

I'm looking forward to the interview because I really need a part time job, and it's for an HR Assistant position at the college. I'm usually pretty good at interviews, so I hope it goes well! I'm assuming I have more work/office experience than the average college student so hopefully I get it! I'm not, however, looking forward to wearing heels and dress clothes. I went from dressing up every M-F for yeeeeaaarrrsss, to wearing jeans and t-shirts in January when I quit my job and began going to school full-time. My feet are going to go on strike when they see those 3 inch heels again!

Well, lots to do today but I'll leave you with a song... It was stuck on repeat in my head this morning :)

Matt Hires - Honey Let Me Sing You a Song


  1. Oooo, I LOVE Shel Silverstein too!! I hope your busy, busy day went by smoothly ;)
    And I listened to that song and LOVED it!! His voice is amazing! Now I guess it's my turn to have it running through my head ;D
    Jordan <3

  2. Isn't Shel Silverstein great?! I've never read that poem before, though. I like it! But then, I like most of Shel Siverstein's poems. I think my favorite of the one's I've read is probably "Where the Sidewalk Ends". Maybe I'll feature it for National Poetry Month!

  3. Shel Silverstein is one of the all time greats! ;) I used to read him to the girls over and over when they were younger!


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